Leftovers: Old, older and oldest.
By Nick Woodside Friday, 5 Oct 2007

Three not so new albums that are getting a ton of play on my music machines lately:

The old:

Cinemechanica “The Martial Arts”
Released: 2006

Many members of this band are also in Megaband/Contraband/etc., so you might already be familiar with their work. While their covers are good, their original songs are even better. “The Martial Arts” is an album of complex and technical rock that on the surface sounds way more straightforward than it is. This band doesn’t fuck around. After this album was released they started adapting their songs to be played with two drummers and toured with that set up. This video makes me pissed that I missed their Boston stop:

Give the drummer(s) some.

Good lord. They posted on their website that their next album will be entirely double drums and I cannot wait. Stand out tracks: I’m Tired of Paul McCartney, Ruins of Karnac, Bruckheimer.

The older:

Giant’s Chair “Purity and Control”
Released: 1996

My friend Mark suggested these guys to me a little while back and I haven’t been able to stop listening to them since. This band from Missouri has been broken up for about 10 years, but this record still holds up today. I love how catchy albums like this are. It must have been something about the mid-90’s. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the chorus of “Robbing Peter, Paying Paul” might be one of my favorite hooks ever. I don’t know what is about it, but it’s perfect. From what I read on the internets, most of their releases are out of print which is a damn shame. Stand-outs: Honestly, the whole thing is good but “Robbing Peter, Paying Paul”, “Work as Fuel” and “Purity and Control” are some highlights.

The oldest:

Chisel “8 A.M. All Day”
Released: 1996

Yeah I know this came out the same year as the previous album. I came up with the title before I checked release dates. So shut it.

Ted Leo’s new album is not very good. This is a fact. It’s also disappointing that his new album isn’t very good. However, this album from his old band is good and it sort of makes up for it (I guess). It’s got a lot of the same feeling that “The Tyranny of Distance” has but with a little more raw sound to it. “Looking Down at the Great Wall of China” has been on repeat for the past week now. It’s a heartbreaking song but I can’t listen to it enough. Instead of trying to convince yourself that you’re just “missing something” in “Bomb.Repeat.Bomb”, just listen to “Breaking Up With Myself” instead. You’ll be better off. Stand-outs: “Looking Down at the Great Wall Of China”, “Breaking Up with Myself”, and “Hip Straights”.

3 Responses to “Leftovers: Old, older and oldest.”

  1. Andrew Raub Says:

    Yeah! Cinemachanica is so rad. I’ll have to check out these other two sometime.

  2. Nick Woodside Says:

    Whoa! Someone spruced up my post. Look at those covers! Now it looks like a presentable work of journalism instead of a ramshackle cart of shit.

  3. Zach Patterson Says:

    In college, I took a class in fixing ramshackle carts of shit.

    but seriously, good stuff. i’d like to check these out.

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