Remembering Dreamcast: Lost Treasures
By Chris Derosa Monday, 14 Sep 2009

In the final part of our Dreamcast feature, Zach and Chris reminisce about some select Dreamcast titles that may not have gotten a lot of exposure, but certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.

Game Title: Bangai-O Why It Shouldn’t Be Overlooked: It’s another shooter from Treasure. While not as constantly praised as Ikaruga is, this game is still something special with quirky characters and bite-sized explosion filled levels to keep a frenetic pace throughout the whole game. – Chris

Game Title: Cannon Spike Why It Shouldn’t Be Overlooked: This collaboration from Capcom and Psikyo brought another Arcade shooter to the system. This one features 8 way directional shooting while your character flies around on rollerblades and destroys swarms of enemies. A lot like Smash TV, but more stage based, and also features some Capcom characters that players should be able to recognize. – Chris

Game Title: Giga Wing 2 Why It Shouldn’t Be Overlooked: This is yet another Capcom gem on the list, a shooter that expanded upon the decent first game and really became what I liked to call a “party shooter”. This game is a visual smorgasboard of ridiculousness, where half the time you lose track of what the hell is going on during other ship’s “supers” and it never gets particularly hard (and infinite continues helps too). So sure it’s not necessarily a legendary old school shooter, but for a gang of 4 friends who just want to have a great time for 30 minutes, this game is an extremely enjoyable diversion. – Zach

Game Title: Project Justice Why It Shouldn’t Be Overlooked: Another arcade fighter from Capcom, Project Justice was the sequel to the 3d high school anime styled fighter Rival Schools. It keeps most traditions from the first game in tact, with air combos and tag team super attacks out in full force along with interesting characters that are full of style. A better team based fighting option for those that can’t keep up with Marvel vs. Capcom’s pacing and balance issues. – Chris

Game Title: Seaman Why It Shouldn’t Be Overlooked: Honestly, I assumed most people knew about this game, but I’ve consistently met gamers who don’t really remember Seaman at all. Seaman was essentially a really fucked up virtual pet. It wasn’t a game really. It was more of an experiment. You booted up your virtual aquarium once or twice a day (or moved the internal clock forward if you were impatient), and took care of a strange sea creature that would go through many mutations, and oh yeah, he talked to you, and you could talk to him. With Leonard Nimoy guesting as your host, some snappy and amusing dialogue from the Seaman as well as the weird stuff you could do in the game, it’s worth scooping out of the bargain bins to give it a try sometime. There’s still nothing quite like it on the market today. – Zach

Game Title: Sword of the Berserk: Guts’ Rage Why It Shouldn’t Be Overlooked: Guts’ Rage is an ultraviolent 3d hack n’ slash game based heavily on a story from the Berserk manga. While the game has a great story, the action helps take it over the top. Even though the goal never really changes (PRO TIP: kill everything), chopping bodies in half never loses its fun. – Chris

Game Title: Tech Romancer Why It Shouldn’t Be Overlooked: Yet another Capcom arcade fighting game, Tech Romancer was unique because it embraced Japan’s popular giant robot culture. Full of great designs and stories with multiple paths and endings to take while also featuring 3d gameplay based around items and destructive final attacks for finishing moves. – Chris

Game Title: Typing of the Dead Why It Shouldn’t Be Overlooked: This one was actually kind of a minor hit, but nevertheless, I’ve gotten quite a few “….uh

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what?” looks when I talk about this ‘mod’ of House of the Dead 2. And that’s really what this is; it’s House of the Dead 2, but instead of shooting zombies, each one has words attached to them that you need to type in order

to kill them. Adding to the ridiculousness is that the graphics have remained exactly the same, except that instead of the heroes having guns, they have Dreamcasts strapped to their backs and mounted keyboards in from of them. Awesome. Also legitimately helps you speed your typing skills. – Zach

Game Title: Virtual On Oratorio Tangram Why It Shouldn’t Be Overlooked: Virtual On was always known for its robust Arcade setup with a control scheme that made anyone think they could pilot a real robot if given the chance to. Oratorio Tangram is considered to be the high point of the series, and it could=2 0be played on a regular controller even though the Twin Stick setup is preferable. This version was actually just re-released for XBox Live Arcade. – Chris

2 Responses to “Remembering Dreamcast: Lost Treasures”

  1. Chris Derosa Says:

    Ohhh whoops, forgot Space Channel 5. Here’s my writeup on that – it’s a fun music rhythm game with stylin dance moves crazy good music and Michal Jackson!

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    i wanted that twin stick configuration so bad when i bought virtual on back in the day. but in the end i couldnt justify buying it for the price, and it just wasn’t as fun without it.

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