The Gutenberg Press
By Brian Hohman Tuesday, 17 Apr 2007

Originating out of pure need, the Gutenberg Press (the shot) follows suit in it much other brothers footsteps, the true Gutenberg Press. Ill thrown a little history your way with the true Gutenberg Press then mind-fuck you with the Hohman remix of the Gutenberg which I am sure will sweep the nation like pogs, and slap bracelets. Well back in 1440 Johannes Gutenberg made his first hand press printer, which eventually made the first ever volume printed book ever on September 30 1452, The Bible(I know boring and so one religion, but still coolish).

The Original Gutenberg Press, as Johan imagined

Keeping in with the idea of making new things that can spread like wildfire and make the world shutter/tremble at my feet, I made the Gutenberg Press! On the fine night if 2/03/07 I came up with this more then fine concoction. It was made to be a dark shot chilled and shaken, and or stirred to more resemble the ink that is used during the printing process. I was drunk at the time so I thought that Gutenberg was American so I picked JD, since then it has become a mainstay in the lineup nothing else seems to fit. I use regular blueberry schnapps as my mainstay and Starbucks liquor as my coffee liquor(anything is fine though). It has been quoted as nyself and others as tasting distinct

Editor’s Note: While little drunk Hohman tried his best to create a sweeping and epic story about his shot, I’m pretty sure he just passed out at the computer and left us with this. I’ve left it as is. If you want my opinion, the shot sounds strange, gross, and unappealing, but it tastes kinda like blueberry pancakes. It could be a lot worse. – Zach