Top 07 of ’07: The Random List
By Charlie Goodrich Wednesday, 9 Jan 2008

These are in no particular order…

1. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn – Wii

As far as underrated games go on the Wii, nothing seems more over looked than Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. The fire Emblem series is still relatively new to the U.S. shores. After a handful of Gameboy releases, and a Gamecube title, the Wii is now graced with a fine game from this series.

Fire Emblem doesn’t use any of the Wii controller’s fun functions, nor is it a revolutionary game, however, there are two features that make this my favorite game from 2007. First, this is a sequel to the Gamecube Fire Emblem. Therefore, to get the full game experience you should first play the Gamecube game and complete that. This can easily be done seeing how that game is cheap ($20) and easy to find ( if your local game store doesn’t have it). Also, if you have a save file from the Gamecube, the Wii will recognize it and give you bonus stats for your characters.

Second, the story and characters make this game the best in the series (my opinion of course). This game is rich with character development and interlocking story lines. There is a plethora of characters to pick from and each has a unique personality. It is up to you whom you choose to groom into strong warriors and whom you let whither away. The story evolves from one group of characters to another. Each group faces its own missions before the true story is unveiled and the groups congeal. If you want an excellent RPG that is well worth the money, pick up Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn for the Wii. It is a long game and you can play the first for added replay.

2. Prince – Planet Earth

Prince is back! This time he unleashed Planet Earth on well… Planet Earth. Prince has released three albums in the new millennium, but Planet Earth is the best of the trio. Without a doubt, Prince is the most musically talented man the U.S. has ever produced (don’t believe me, look into it) and he continues to prove that point. This album is as diverse as they come. Prince pulls out the pop, the rock, the ballads, and the R&B. The melodies are catchy and the rhythm is perfect. The man in purple keeps etching his face in the history of music. Like him or hate him, his legacy continues through 2007.

3. New England Patriots

16-0. Only the fourth ever undefeated NFL team in the regular season. I’m not a Patriots fan, but I did find myself cheering them on towards perfection this fall. It is commendable that they have done what so few have. In addition, they broke many team records along the way. 2007 has given us one of the greatest sports teams of all time, thank you year…thank you.

4. Van Halen reunion

As much as I don’t care for Diamond David Lee Roth, I was very excited for this reunion and tour. There is a fire that Van Halen lost in 1984 when Roth and the band split. But now that fire is back (no offense Hagar). The tour sold out and got rave reviews. I was not able to get tickets but hopefully they can last long enough for a second tour before they start trying to kill each other, oh, and Eddie needs to stay away from the bottle.

5. AC/DC Plug Me In – DVD

This little gem comes in a two DVD or three DVD set. Plug Me In is a collection of AC/DC live performances and interviews that span the thirty plus years of this band’s existence. This is an awesome collection that gives the viewer a glimpse at why AC/DC is considered one of the greatest live bands ever. There are over sixty performances in this boxset.

DVD one goes back to 1975 and original singer Bon Scott with the band’s first appearance on TV, and continues through until 1979. DVD two picks up with Brian Johnson at the mic. Tearing through new songs and old, the band clearly doesn’t miss a beat and goes on straight through 2003 – performing with The Rolling Stones. You also get rare interviews, tour promo films and alternate live versions. DVD three is called “Between The Cracks”. This is bonus material not included in the regular two-disc set. Included are both Bon and Brian eras, featuring the never-before-seen 1983 show from the Houston Summit.

6. LEGO Star Wars: the Complete Saga – Wii, PS3

Never has saving the galaxy been so much fun and cute. LEGO Star Wars is a blast to play and is loaded with replay value. You can unlock your favorite characters to play through each of the six episodes. It is a simple game to pick up and play. I don’t know why this game is so addicting, but it’s great to play with another person as you run around each level trying to complete the many sidequests this game offers. It deserves at least a rent if you are a Star Wars fan.

7. Live Free or Die Hard

John McClain is back, and he is pissed! The latest Die Hard movie is packed full of violence, action, and entertainment (she’s down an elevator shaft with an SUV up her ass). It was a fun movie that lives up to its predecessors. It follows the same style too: some crazy guy tries to take over something and get money; McClain goes through hell to stop him, a whole bunch of stuff happens along the way that involves McClain swearing, and the day is saved. Don’t mess with it if it isn’t broken.

3 Responses to “Top 07 of ’07: The Random List”

  1. Andrew Raub Says:

    Hagar can suck it, and lego bikini Princess Leia is hott.

  2. Brian Hohman Says:

    Such a good list Chuck, and I totally “pantsed” Lego Leia last night DS version of the game!

  3. Zach Patterson Says:

    live free or die hard was the essential summer blockbuster. i kinda regret not adding it to my list. but you covered it, so it works out.

    i still have yet to try a fire emblem game, but i feel more and more guilty passing on each new game. they look so fun.

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