Top 07 of ’07: Top 07 Top 07 of ’07 Lists
By Matt Jones Monday, 28 Jan 2008

1. Top 07 Games of 2007

A. BioShock (360)

B. Rock Band (360)
C. Puzzle Quest (360)
D. Guitar Hero III (360)
E. Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (DS)
F. Halo 3 (360)

2. Top 07 Good Things for Me in 2007

A. Promoted to an easier job with less to do!

B. Magfest V
C. ECS Trip to Philly in October and April
E. Boston Trip for “training” and hanging with Sherv and Colin
F. Trip to Mexico with the family

3. Top 07 Bad Things for Me in 2007


A. Car accident

B. Still a bachelor
C. No real career path in sight
D. Rent went up 15%
E. Best friend got divorced
F. Car insurance rates…fucking accidents and speeding tickets

4. Top 07 Movies of 2007


A. 300

B. 3:10 to Yuma
C. Superbad
D. No Country for Old Men
E. Grindhouse
F. Hitman

5. Top 07 Musical Events of 2007

A. Chromelodeon Final Show

B. Vegoose (Saturday)
C. Lollapalooza (Friday)
D. Justice concert at the Metro (October)
E. Vegoose (Sunday)
F. The return of dance music to my life

6. Top 07 Ways to Waste Time in 2007

A. YouTube random songs

B. NeoGAF Message Boards
C. The Shizz
D. Video Google entire MST3K videos
E. Random Posts to G/E ­čÖé
F. Xbox 360

7. Top 07 Things to Do in 2008 (I bet only one or two of these get done)

A. Write more for G/E (gotta get off my lazy ass and go on some more rants!)
B. Go back to Japan (probably gonna have to put that off until 2009)
C. Decide on a career path (probably will get this done)
D. Buy a house (ummm 2009?)
E. Get out to more concerts (probably can do)
F. Get a girlfriend (oh boy…wish me luck)

Here’s to Good-Evil in 2008!

<3 Skip

5 Responses to “Top 07 of ’07: Top 07 Top 07 of ’07 Lists”

  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    not to picky, but this is the top 07 top 06 of ’07.


  2. Matt Jones Says:

    I never learned to count letters!!! ;_;

  3. Matt Jones Says:

    To Complete the Top 07:

    1G. Mass Effect (finally got to play it)

    2G. Getting out to concerts

    3G. All my buddies at work have left for other companies [sad_face]

    4G. Michael Clayton (Tom Gilkinson for Best Supporting Actor easily)

    5G. Magfest concerts

    6G. Sit in other people’s cubes and chat with them while they should be working (being on overhead rocks!)

    7G. Vote (Ugh, do I have to?) … Scratch that, votings sucks…

    NEW 7G. Getting customized Indiana license plate C4AM95 (favorite album ever? perhaps…perhaps.)

  4. Zach Patterson Says:

    i am now satisfied.

    also, i think we can now agree that the final chromelodeon show was pretty much the best thing that happened ever.

  5. Andrew Raub Says:

    Hey, I haven’t written mine yet, so we can’t be conclusive about that yet.

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