Top 10 SNES Games, Part 1
By Zach Patterson Tuesday, 17 Mar 2009

Waaay back in November of 2007, the members of TheShizz Message Board (of which many of the Good-Evil writers also are members there) were polled on their favorite SNES games, which had followed our earlier feature about the Top 30 NES Games and the Top 20 NES Characters. A top 10 vote was taken, and then tabulated, and the final result comes to us courtesy of Eric “Dude” Kennedy, who decided to do something a little different than the previous list. Eric enlisted himself and 3 other Shizz members (including our own Andrew Raub) to review and recount their memories of the top 10 titles as voted by TheShizz. I provided an assist with the graphic design, which some may recognize as the early style of the EGM magazine reviews (see here for reference). There are 4 pages total, one to be released every day until Friday. For the first “page”, hit more… Due to the gigantic size of the image, it cannot be displayed within the confines of our site design. Download options are below:

Page 1 in medium size | Page 1 in

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Top 10 SNES Games, Part 1 (Click To Enlarge)
As Voted For By TheShizz, Compiled Courtesy Of Eric Kennedy

Top 10 SNES Games Pages: 123456

6 Responses to “Top 10 SNES Games, Part 1”

  1. Chris Derosa Says:

    Rad! Good call with the EGM style.

  2. Art Mead Says:

    Is this just a lead up to a circle jerk around Mario Kart?

  3. Mike Callahan Says:

    It better not be. I sure as fuck didn’t vote for no goddamn Mario fuckin’ Kart!

  4. jer Says:

    I voted for Halo.

  5. Zach Patterson Says:

    jer is banned from having opinions from now on.

  6. Russell Mantilla Says:

    I love the EGM concept!!

    Great job guys!!

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