Top 20 NES Characters
By Zach Patterson Monday, 22 Oct 2007

A short while ago, the members of TheShizz Message Board (of which many of the Good-Evil writers also are members there) were polled on their favorite NES characters. A top 10 vote was taken, and then tabulated, and the final result comes to us courtesy of Ryan8bit, who was kind enough to make some awesome images and compile them for your pleasure. Hit more to scope out who made the cut and who took home #1.

Due to the size of the image, it cannot be displayed within the confines of our site design. So…

Click Here For Top 20 NES Characters
Top 20 NES Characters
As Voted for By TheShizz, Compiled Courtesy Of Ryan8bit

Here’s the list in not-so-sexy text form:

20. Black Mage
19. Master Higgins
18. The Amazon
17. Little Mac
16. Mike Jones
15. Solid Snake
14. Toad
13. Air Man
12. Strider Hiryu
11. Grant DaNasty
10. Proto Man
9. Bill Rizer
8. Captain Ladd
7. Mario
6. Kirby
5. Simon Belmont
4. Samus Aran
3. Ryu Hayabusa
2. Link
1. Mega Man

3 Responses to “Top 20 NES Characters”

  1. Andrew Raub Says:

    I’m curious why Strider got picked to be the character on the main page…
    <_ < >_>

    Why not MegaMan, or say, Master Higgins? Eh?

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    because strider is awesome, and i liked the portrait. if you have a problem with my selections, TOO BAD!

  3. Zach Patterson Says:

    on a serious note, im rather surprised that mario finished as low as 7. I know he’s the overly popular choice but….well, he’s the overly popular choice! by far one of the most impact characters of the time.

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