Top 30 NES Soundtracks #10: Zelda II
By Bucky Sunday, 21 Jun 2009

#10 – Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (53 Votes)
#10 Zelda II
Developer, Publisher: Nintendo
Year: 1987 (JP), 1988 (US + EU)
AKA: Zelda II: Link no Bouken

I can still recall my initial reaction to this game. I was quite underwhelmed when I first discovered that it wasn’t a Zelda clone in terms of game play, and the Title Screen and Overworld music sounding like weird, freakish mutations of their predecessors didn’t help. However, it wasn’t long after that I developed a completely different opinion.

As I advanced in the game, I quickly fell in love with all of the themes. While it’s not usually the fey, almost-whimsical video game compositions that catch our attention, I found that even the Town and Indoors music captured a sense of magic, longing, and otherworldly vibes quite brilliantly.

A bit less subtle in its excellence is the Palace music, which is the driving force behind the bulk of the game’s action. It is probably the most distinct track from Zelda II, having been covered, remixed, and reused more than any other tune from it. One of my other favorite tracks is the Great Palace, which also fits in very nicely with tone founded by the Palace and Boss themes.

Zelda II offers a simple but interesting production of sound. A lot of the voices are covered in constant vibrato effects, giving this sort of “quivery” sound that helps add some character on top of the score’s catchy melodies.

As with the first Legend of Zelda, Zelda II was originally released on floppy disk in Japan. There are some differences amongst the soundtracks, one of the most distinct being the Japanese title screen.

The music is by Akito Nakatsuka, who also composed for other classic NES titles like Ice Climber and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

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