Top 30 NES Soundtracks #11: Faxanadu
By Bucky Saturday, 20 Jun 2009

#11 – Faxanadu (50 Votes)

#11 Faxanadu

Developer: Nihon Falcom, Hudson Soft
Publisher: Hudson (JP), Nintendo (US + EU)
Year: 1987 (JP), 1989 (US), 1990 (EU)

Taking a glancing blow at the top 10 is Faxanadu, an early action RPG for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game is sometimes considered a side story to Xanadu, another Nihon Falcom RPG, with the title simply being a combination of Famicom + Xanadu.

Faxanadu covers a range of emotions with its score. It balances out some catchy and driving tracks, with others that are more sombre or haunting. There are a couple “annoyingly upbeat” tracks in the game as well, as shizz poster Emptyeye offers in his gamefaqs review, but even those add to a distinct quirkiness that is more positive than anything else. This is, after all, the score to a world that lies around a giant tree.

My favorite tracks have always been the Eolis town theme, the password¬†theme, the dungeon / tower theme, and World of Branch. I find them all to be highly memorable tunes from a nostalgic gaming experience. For the longest time I’ve had an interest in covering the password music, but that’s never quite come to fruition. Yet.

The music was composed by June Chiki Chikuma, who also scored most installations of the Bomberman series.

Listen to a variety of tracks on youtube here.

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