Top 30 NES Soundtracks #13: Bionic Commando
By Bucky Thursday, 18 Jun 2009

#13 – Bionic Commando (44 Votes)
Developer: Capcom Publisher: Capcom (JP, US, EU), Mattel (AU) Year: 1988 (JP, US, AU), 1990 (EU) AKA: Hitler no Fukkatsu: Top Secret

Coming in at #13 paydayadvanceusca is Bionic Commando. Although first released as an payday 2 entirely different game for arcade (and subsequently other systems like the Amiga and C64), it payday loans no credit check is likely payday 2 jacket that payday 2 the NES incarnation of Bionic Commando is the one that most readers will fondly remember.

One distinct aspect of the soundtrack is its psuedo-militaristc feel. This was achieved by the only percussion in the entire score being modeled after the sound of a snare drum. The apply now main enemy base theme opens with what sounds like a drummer working away at a series of rudiments. These rhythms, combined with music that otherwise sounds nothing like what you’d payday advance online expect a marching band to play, gives Bionic Commando its sound.

It’s likely the main apply enemy base theme that stands out ace payday loans the most, as it is the first catchy in-game track the player gets to hear, but there are some other excellent ones as well. payday calculator Neutral Zone, Albatross Tower, and the Albatross Boss Theme are my other favorites.

The music was composed payday the heist by Junko Tamiya (credited as ‘Gondamin’), who also scored other NES titles like Street Fighter 2010 and Little Nemo: The payday 2 wiki Dream Master.

Enjoy a variety of tracks on youtube here.

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