Top 30 NES Soundtracks #14: Rollergames
By Bucky Wednesday, 17 Jun 2009

#14 – Rollergames (41 Votes)
#14 Rollergames Developer: Konami Publisher: Ultra (US), Konami (EU) Year: 1990 (US), 1991 (EU)

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As the list winds down through its second half, you should probably be expecting a lot more classic and obvious levitra vs cialis selections. That would make the most sense, right? Well, sneaking in our list here at #14 is cheap viagra Rollergames.

Based on a TV show that only lasted from 1989-1990, Rollergames plays like an arcade style beat-em-up with some platforming elements mixed in. On skates. Suddenly, ‘Skate’ from Streets of Rage 2 doesn’t seem all that original! Then again, although I’ve never seen the show (has anyone?), it sounds like it may be a bit of a Rollerball rip-off.

Rollergames cialis generic offers some very finely-tuned Konami funk-prog-wank jams, not far cialis coupons off in style from some of the TMNT series’ music, which apparantly shizz voters love. Check out the rockin’ Stage 1 theme, for example. Crucial guitar-like pitch bends within.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of Rollergames music available for a quick listen online, so I’ll just go ahead and link the only two more I can find- Stage 3 theme, Boss Battle.

Watch some game-play on youtube here.

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