Top 30 NES Soundtracks #16: Ducktales
By Bucky Monday, 15 Jun 2009

#16 – DuckTales (38 Votes)
#16 Ducktales Developer, Publisher: Capcom Year: 1989 (US), 1990 (JP + EU) AKA: Wanpaku Duck Yume Bouken

Taking the #16 spot is DuckTales, every one’s favorite cane-bouncing platformer. In addition to a nice arrangement of the DuckTale’s theme song, this soundtrack offers five original main themes that are each incredibly catchy and infectious in their own right.

Undoubtedly the most popular track is the Moon Theme, which is a nostalgic favorite for many as well as source material for an insane amount of

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covers and remixes. My personal favorites would have to be the Translyvania and African Mines themes, however. I think one of the stronger aspects of the DuckTales score is how funky and over-the-top it manages to be.

One thing that sets DuckTales apart from other contemporary Capcom soundtracks is how effects-driven it is. There are many parts soaked in echo / reverb effects. In the African Mines theme, for example, instead of composing a third melodic line, the second pulse wave is reserved for building upon the sound of the first channel. This is done by playing the same part, slightly behind in time. There are many sections like this in other tracks as well. While such a method for creating a delay effect is hardly unique, the excessive use of it lends a fairly distinct characteristic to DuckTales.

As with the last two entries, this is another game where a prototype has been found with alternate music. An earlier build of the game had a slower but otherwise identical version of the Moon Theme, and a completely different track for Transylvania. While I do prefer the version of Transylvania they settled on, that track is pretty awesome! I swear, it’s not that often that unreleased prototypes of NES games surface with different music, it’s just by coincidence

that three examples of such hit this list in a row.

The music is composed by Yoshihiro Sakaguchi (AKA Yuukichan’s Papa), who is most often recognized for his work on the first two Mega Man soundtracks.

Listen to the complete soundtrack on youtube here.

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    wow, the alternate music for Transylvania is crazy. I love it. I think it kinda fits a haunted house type feel perfectly.

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