Top 30 NES Soundtracks #18: Batman
By Bucky Saturday, 13 Jun 2009

#18 – Batman (35 Votes)

#18 Batman  

Developer: SunSoft
Publisher: SunSoft (JP EU), Nintendo (US)
Year: 1989 (JP US), 1990 (EU)

How can I best describe my affinity for the Batman soundtrack?

Seen here in this performance of the stage 1 theme by The Advantage are several shizz posters (myself included), singing along and loving life.

Batman offers a variety of catchy and driving tracks, with the introduction, cutscene, and stage 3 music being some of my other favorites. One neat thing that’s surfaced in semi-recent years is an unreleased prototype version of the Batman game. Fans of this soundtrack may be interesting in hearing two tracks that were cut from the final release, which can be heard here and here.

The music was composed by Naoki Kodaka (Blaster Master) and Nobuyuki Hara who both worked together on Batman: Return of the Joker, Gremlins 2, Hebereke / Uforia, and Journey to Silius. All of which are pretty excellent NES soundtracks as well.

Listen to a selection of tracks on youtube here.

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