Top 30 NES Soundtracks #26: Jackal
By Bucky Friday, 5 Jun 2009

#26 – Jackal (28 Votes)

#26 Jackal  

Developer, Publisher: cialis soft tavs Konami
Year: 1988 (US + JP)
AKA: Final Command: The Red Fortress

I have to admit that I was a little surprised to see Jackal place this high. Not to speak ill of the music, that is, as Jackal has some very nice compositions that are defining of the classic Konami sound. It’s just that there’s less than 5 minutes of music to this game! However, with a set of three relentlessly energetic and catchy stage themes I can see why this soundtrack has shizz support.

The music was composed by Shinya Sakamoto and Atsushi Fujio, who both worked together on several other Konami soundtracks including Blades of Steel, Falsion, Life Force, and Rollergames.

This music will make your blood boil. Good luck!

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