Top 30 NES Soundtracks #28: Crystalis
By Bucky Wednesday, 3 Jun 2009

#28 – Crystalis (25 Votes)
#28 Crystalis

Developer, Publisher: SNK Year: 1990 (US + JP) AKA: God Slayer: Haruka Tenkuu no Sonata

Next in line is Crystalis, a common action-RPG favorite for the NES. Like many other RPGs it offers a variety of tracks that more or less fall within the confines of the genre. You have peaceful town music, driving overworld themes, a melancholic track for when certain characters

die, triumphant final viagra for women area music, and a couple cave / dungeon themes that range from mediocre to lovable.

This isn’t to say that the music is without some distinction, however. This may be nostalgia talking, but I’ve always found the Crystalis music to be quite engrossing. From the introduction onwards, the music carries the tone of the game quite brilliantly. Several tunes cialis online also make use of microtuned pitches, detuning notes to fall between half generic viagra steps. Who would’ve thought that such dissonance would sound so pretty? It’s a simple yet effective trick that helps make the Crystalis music stand out.

Composed by Yoko O.

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Enjoy a variety of tracks on youtube here.

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