Top 30 NES Soundtracks #29: The Legend of Zelda
By Bucky Tuesday, 2 Jun 2009

#29 – The Legend of Zelda (25 Votes)
#29 The Legend of Zelda

Developer, Publisher: Nintendo Year: 1986 (JP), 1987 (US + EU) AKA: Zelda no Densetsu

Surprisingly all the way down at #29 is Zelda, a title which should need no introduction. Much like with Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda contains some of the most easily recognized music in video games’ history. Case in point – my mom would recognize the music and she doesn’t play this stuff.

Why so far down? I think the number of songs in Zelda was a deciding factor. If the poll was Top NES Themes I would have expected a couple of the tracks to place generic viagra very high, but otherwise it seems that most voters only had two or so tunes in mind and opted for soundtracks with more content. Although it can be cialis online said how long does viagra last that whatever Zelda lacks in quantity, it certainly makes up in quality.

One thing I have always found interesting is how the original release of this game had some different music than what most of us are familiar with. The classic Title theme we all know? That’s not actually the original incarnation of it!

The NES and Famicom systems had 5 channels of sound, of which The Legend of Zelda only used 4 (two channels for pulse / square waves, triangle wave, and noise — sample channel is

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unused). Zelda no Densetsu, however, was released in 1986 on floppy disk for the Famicom Disk System add-on. This add-on allowed for an additional channel of wavetable synthesis. While that channel was mostly reserved for sound effects, it was used melodically in the Title and Ending themes.

Composed by the legendary Koji Kondo, you can listen to the original FDS Title Screen music here.

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