Watchmen – Previewing The Film
By Good-Evil Contributor Wednesday, 4 Mar 2009

Contributed by Jon Smokowicz. This is the second of a two part piece, this part focusing on this week’s release of the film.

The act of crafting the tale of Watchmen for the big screen fell to Zack Snyder, a jubilant and promising filmmaker, after passing through the hands of many others including Darren Aronofsky and Paul Greengrass. Snyder’s two previous films, Dawn of the Dead and 300, were highly enjoyable fare. They are films you can come in anywhere and find yourself watching all the way through. They are very engaging. However, neither is told with a whole lot of nuance, something that is very important in a story like Watchmen.

There are a lot of promises being made as to how true to the comic Snyder stayed. The most promising comes from co-creator of the book Dave Gibbons, who has even attempted to have Alan Moore, whose previous comic adaptations were botched, add his name to the project. There are issues I am skeptical of, like if Snyder will be able to include the pirate narrative in his film. This seems all the more unlikely due to a DVD release that will include an animated version of that storyline. I will admit I like the promise it shows. Based on the two trailers, his vision seems faithful. As with 300, Snyder has appeared to take direction directly from the panels of the comic. The visuals are stunningly rendered.

His casting once again is low wattage when it comes to star power. The biggest name he has worked with to date is Ving Rhames. I, in no way, view this to be a bad thing. In fact, I think it could be a sign of great directing from Snyder (after all, no one had heard of Gerard Butler before 300). Also, two of the cast members show talent from the limited roles

I’ve seen of them.

image courtesy of Warner Bros

Matthew Goode has had a somewhat short career thus far. I recognize him from two smaller roles in Match Point and The Lookout. He carried his own in both these roles that couldn’t have been any more different. He shows promise.

Jackie Earle Haley will play Rorschach. This seems a fairly impressive choice based solely on Haley’s Academy Award nominated turn as an creepy, weak-willed pedophile in Little Children. Haley’s costar in that film, Patrick Wilson, stars alongside him once again in Watchmen as Nite Owl II.

Billy Crudup is probably the most widely known actor in the film. His performance, however will be, highlighted mainly by the SFX crew for the film. I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan has mostly been in rom-com schlock, so his role as the Comedian will be a substantial change of the pace. At the least, he looks the part.

Malin Ackerman rounds out the main cast as the Silk Spectre II. I’ve only ever seen her in a bit part on Entourage.. That doesn’t speak highly of her acting credentials. However, she did strip down for some silhouetted side boob. I liked what I saw, and from what I’ve heard from the Watchmen camp, I’m holding out for some full-on titties.

With a cast with little to no reputation and the film release imminent, there’s not much else say at this point. It’s looks promising, but an adaptation of a graphic novel as highly regarded as this still leads to some lingering uneasiness as to whether it will be faithful to the comics (and also an entertaining movie). We’ll find out on Friday.

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  1. jer Says:

    If he really wants to stay true to the comic, we should definitely be seeing some full-on silk specter titties.

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    I’ll be most interested in how they handle Dr. Manhattan and the Comedian. They are two roles that need very distinct performances to succeed.

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