GE002: Ryan8bit – 2010.8.2
By Zach Patterson Friday, 23 Jul 2010

Good-Evil, in partnership with our good friend Jason Vincion at Concatenation Records, is pleased to announce the second album from Good-Evil Records, Ryan8bit’s Bionic Commando tribute album, titled “2010.8.2”. The album is titled after the date at the end of Bionic Commando given by Super Joe, and also happens to be the date that the album will be widely available. Ryan8bit is, in my opinion, one of the finest and most underrated artists that happens to cover video game music today. He’s been around forever in internet times too, as many may remember him as the guy who covered the entire Castlevania and Castlevania 2 soundtracks back in 2003 (whether he particularly wants them out there anymore is another question, but they can be found here). Some may also know him from his tireless Dwelling of Duels contributions for many years, where he did a fine job covering a wide variety of games while also honing and improving his craft. Personally, I always think of this when I think of Ryan’s work, because it’s probably the best thing ever. However you may recognize the name, Ryan8bit has truly crafted a great, tight, and rocking Bionic Commando album that we are delighted to offer up for preorder.

I think I’ve been trying to get Ryan8bit to release an album for like 4 years now, since I’ve always been a big fan of his stuff, and I guess my incessant bugging finally did something because here we are. And I must say, not only was Bionic Commando one of the few NES games I owned, but also one of my very favorites. I’m still rather terrible at it to this day, but I love everything about the game from the unique mechanics to the character designs to the exploding Hitler face. And then there’s the music, which is easily one of the top NES soundtracks made (oh hey, here’s proof!). Needless to say, I was really excited at the potential of a full soundtrack tribute to the game, because it suits Ryan’s style so well. Take a listen to the preview here:

Admit it, it sounds awesome. You want it. I know I can’t wait to get my hands on the disc. As for details about the disc, like our first album from Xoc, this album is limited to 100 physical copies (they are not mini-CD’s this time, in case anyone was wondering). They are $8 for preorder or $10 when it is released August 2nd. Digital downloads will be available starting August 2nd for $5.

Pick one up! Here’s the ordering page:

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  1. Sherv Says:

    This is a phenomenal album! Highly recommended!

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