Monday, 21 Mar 2011

Operation: CO-M.A.C.Z. #12 – Fear of a Mutant Planet

Hello again, readers! It was a big week for comics, and unfortunately we didn't have time to review everything. But here is a fresh batch of reviews. The Fear Itself event kicked off, Generation Hope and Uncanny X-Force keep their momentum, and those lovable scamps in Young Avengers continue to confuse.

Monday, 14 Mar 2011

Operation: CO-M.A.C.Z. #11 – While We Were Out

Apologies, ready readers! Real life has been getting in the way of our comic reviewing. We've overcome cross-country travels and unexpected work conferences to bring you quite a few reviews this week!

Friday, 25 Feb 2011

G-E CO-M.A.C.Z. Presents #1: Wolverine #1-5 "Wolverine Goes To Hell"

I stopped bothering with Wolverine comics when he lost his nose and became order generic viagra a feral monkey sporting a bandanna in the 90’s. I have my limits, and X-Men books were rapidly going down the shitter at that point, so I hopped off. However, after reading Origin a few years ago and giving Old Man Logan a chance, I thought a new series starting clean would be a good chance to see where Wolverine stands. Well, a LOT has changed since the swingin’ 90’s. Wolverine now has a definitive back story. He remembers all of his past. He’s got two children. He’s now on approximately 12 different super teams. He has a nose. So ...

Monday, 21 Feb 2011

Operation: CO-M.A.C.Z. #10 – A SNIKT One (Hope-y Jack)

Fear not faithful readers! We are back with some quickly written reviews of a few of last week's comics. The CO-M.A.C.Z. crew was away all weekend but hopefully we will return next week with a double-sized edition!

Monday, 14 Feb 2011

Operation: CO-M.A.C.Z. #9.1 – Heroes For Hire, Available For Birthdays

In an attempt to maintain a solid weekly schedule, Zach and Andrew make a valiant return. We cover Marvel's first two ".1" releases and get some serious DC batmania going.

Friday, 4 Feb 2011

Funny Webcomic #85

Some people just can't handle a good time.

Friday, 4 Feb 2011

Operation: CO-M.A.C.Z. #8 – We’re Back?

After a long break from CO-M.A.C.Z., Andrew and Zach return with several top notch reviews for our eagerly awaiting readers. Stay viagra vs levitra tuned, for there are many changes in store for CO-M.A.C.Z.! What will we see? More focused articles? A timely schedule? Only time will tell!

Thursday, 13 Jan 2011

Funny Webcomic #84

You can't keep avoiding the subject, friend.

Friday, 10 Dec 2010

Funny Webcomic #83

Buying gifts for a new significant other can be difficult.

Wednesday, 24 Nov 2010

Operation: CO-M.A.C.Z. #7 – Poorly Planned Batman Events, Infinity sequels, & RASL

After disappearing into a quantum wormhole for the past month, mig and Zach return for to talk some comics. Read on for Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne and The Road Home miniseries, Infinity War and Infinity Crusade, and RASL.