AC/DC – Highway To Hell
By Charlie Goodrich Friday, 11 Jun 2004

Highway to Hell was the first worldwide success AC/DC had, and for good reason. Selling over 6 million copies this album continues to be one of the greatest ever made.

It begins with the song “Highway to Hell” which I think is the best AC/DC song ever. The initial guitar riff is unmistakable and Bon Scott’s voice let you know that if you and your friends went to Hell it would be a fun road trip. However, the song is about the traveling on road to becoming a rock band so don’t think it has a literal meaning.

This was also the first AC/DC album to cut back on the amount of quieter and slower songs featured. The song “Night Prowler” is the only one that doesn’t have the hard rock we all love AC/DC for. But it’s still much louder than previous quiet songs.

All of the songs on this album are good. There isn’t one I dislike. This album brought AC/DC into the mainstream for a reason and there are ten reasons on Highway to Hell I can think of. (Hint the ten are the songs).

Unfortunately, this would be Bon Scott’s last album for he past away on February 18, 1980. He death was not only a loss for the band but also for the entire musical community. On that date the world lost one of the greatest song writers of all time and I would like to say thank you to Bon for all of the memories. Thankfully your lyrical writing and singing will let you never be forgotten.

Rest in Peace Bon (1946-1980).

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