AC/DC – Powerage
By Charlie Goodrich Saturday, 23 Jun 2007

There isn’t much to say about Powerage. It came between the juggernauts Let There be Rock and Highway to Hell. Therefore, Powerage often gets overlooked. This is unfortunate because it is a strong member of the AC/DC discography. Powerage also introduces a new member to the AC/DC family. This album is the first time we see the semi-classic AC/DC lineup. They made a change in their bass guitarist. They brought in Cliff Williams who is still with the band and said goodbye to Mark Evans. Their lineup was now: Bon Scott (vocals), Angus Young (lead guitar), Malcolm Young (rhythm guitar), Phil Rudd (drums), and Cliff Williams (bass).

Powerage features great song writing and some of the best instrumental rock of any AC/DC album. “Riff Raff”, “Sin City”, “What’s Next to the Moon” and “Gone Shootin” highlights the album and creates an incredible audio experience. “Riff Raff” is a heart pounding song from start to finish. It is followed by “Sin City” which is not as hard as “Riff Raff” but just as well written and fast. Next is “What’s Next to the Moon.” This is one of the best-written AC/DC songs of all time. It is about a man who kills the women he loves because she does not love him anymore. It describes how the police look for him and his final confession. This great block of music concludes with the calmest of the four, “Gone Shootin.” If you want to hear great guitar riffs and a combination of vocal styles, “Gone Shootin” is perfect. It is one of the few bass driven AC/DC songs but it is the ideal way to end the high started by “Riff Raff.”

Either their most or second most underrated album, Powerage gets easily lost between Let There be Rock and Highway to Hell. It’s unfortunate because many fine tracks can be found on this album. All in all, this is a great album from the band that I definitely recommend.

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