AC/DC – Who Made Who
By Charlie Goodrich Friday, 11 Jun 2004

In 1986, Steven King took his short story “Trucks” and made a feature film of it. It was titled “Maximum Overdrive”. King wanted to have the perfect songs for his movie so he went to the best.

He enlisted the talent of AC/DC to make a soundtrack worthy of a Steven King movie (No matter how bad it may be). Only two songs are actually on this album that aren’t on any other AC/DC album. Those songs are “Who Made Who” and “Ride On”.

“Who Made Who” was written specifically for the film and is a very good song. “Ride On” was the last song that Bon Scott recorded before his death in 1980. This album also includes “You Shook me All Night Long”, “Sink the Pink”, “Shake Your Foundations”, “Hells Bells”, and “For Those About to Rock”.

As you can see it is a good commutation of AC/DC songs. It also features two instrumental pieces by AC/DC, “D.T.” and “Chase the Ace”. These are two guitar riffs and drum banging songs that are full of energy and quite enjoyable.

This album is pretty Great, if simply for the fact that it features so many hits.

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