AIR – Talkie Walkie
By Kirk Bray Friday, 19 Mar 2004

I was apprehensive about buying this album at first, because I was so dissapointed with the last two AIR albums 10,000hz Legend, and Everybody Hz. AIR’s first two albums Premiers Symptomes, and Moon Safari were unique and innovative, while staying within the boundries of their genre of electro-lounge music.

After receiving such acclaim for Moon Safari, it was apparent that AIR felt the need to go into that phase of unnecessary overexperimentation, and 10,000hz Legend was a joke. Now it seems that AIR has gotten their shit back together, and are going back the original sound.

I was very pleased by this, and I enjoy this album, mainly for the songs “Cherry Blossom Girl”, “Universal Traveller”, and most especially the last song on the Album “Alone in Kyoto”. It’s not quite at the level of their debuts, but it’s a breath of fresh air.

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