Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters
By Chris Derosa Friday, 20 Apr 2007

It’s always considered a gamble whenever a relatively popular cartoon show gets the big screen treatment. Some have always avoided it until it became inevitable (The Simpsons, of course), and others have struck at what most fans would consider the height of their popularity (Beavis and Butthead , South Park). For Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim cult classic, the movie adaptation had built it’s own hype around the time it took to come out (almost 2 years) and the good/bad publicity it carried with it (the now infamous Boston “bomb scares”). The show itself ran into a bit of a wall over the past year, with not too much material being released and whatever was released ended up not being as great as the show’s hey day. So when the time had finally come to release the movie, it turned out that this really wasn’t a movie to begin with in the first place. And that’s ok, as long as you love the show in the first place.

The movie focuses on America’s favorite super fast food trio as they try and stop an exercise machine from taking over the world, all while trying to figure out their true origins. And that’s all you’ll need to know. Plot was never really the show’s appeal, and it doesn’t try to develop in the movie, either. Most of what made the show great was how the “heroes” would fail to save the day because they were busy screwing around, getting distracted, and talking the whole time. Along the way they always drag in their neighbor Carl, whether he likes it or not. They also happen to meet some old acquaintances and new encounters. They’re all lovable characters for the most part, but if you hate them then get ready to hate them more, because they’ll be talking a lot.

Most of the humor relies on the word play that the characters exchange. Some are clever thought out references, and others are quick jabs and nonsensical gibberish. If all else fails, they throw in some violence and a dash of gross out sight gags. If you want to make sense of all of it, then you will be lost. It’s all very rapid fire in delivery, and chances are you will miss a joke or two at times due to laughing over it. If you find the voices to be annoying then it isn’t for you.

The Aqua Teen movie is, simply put, a movie that caters to the ones that already appreciate the show for what it is. As a now mild fan of the show, I found the movie to actually deliver on a large scale, but not as well as some would have hoped. I feel that it was never supposed to be considered a movie, just a really long episode. At almost an hour and a half, it seemed to take almost too long to reach the abrupt ending. Maybe it’s because the show is usually 12 minutes in length, but some may find themselves growing tired of the concept as the movie plods along. And the following of the show may not have been enough to give it a huge box office showing, with the “R” rating most likely preventing some fans from seeing it. All in all it proves that not every experiment pays off, and some times, straight to DVD is the wiser route to take.

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  1. Skip Says:

    Do not pay over 4 dollars to see this movie. Wait for DVD.

    I’d give it a poor. I would have given it a Terrible, but it starts out okay, especially the very very beginning. It just goes into this really long drought of completely boring, not funny stuff.

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