Axe Body Wash – Boost
By Zach Patterson Thursday, 12 Apr 2007

Axe’s commercials have never really sat well with me, and their product has always seemed targeted at the “idiot frat boy” demographic, which is fine, but that’s obviously not me. However, a gift pack for Christmas had this body wash in it, and I decided to give it a chance.

My first impression upon seeing it is confusion, as red is not a color i traditionally use on my body. And indeed, upon putting this on your body, it kinda feels like throwing fake blood on yourself. Not exactly the best thing, in my mind. This particular version is called boost, which has guava (huh?) and volcanic stone extract (huh???). Okay, totally odd combination, but what the hell, I said, maybe it is alright. My first impression of the smell was like popping open a Sobe drink. It doesn’t really smell fresh, or fruity…just…strange. I’ll give it credit for being different, but I would prefer a fresher, more invigorating smell than this. That fresh smell out of the shower makes me feel a lot cleaner, and I’m just not feeling it with this.

But on to actual use. I like my body wash to have a good foam to it, and the Axe does all right, but in comparison to the recently review Dial For Men or Old Spice High Endurance body washes, I felt it somewhat lacking. It seemed like I used more per wash to get the same effect, which , when considering the price of these washes, is an important factor. Add to this fact that the despicably charge 5+ dollars for only 12oz (almost every other wash is $5 or less for 18oz) and it’s obvious this product is more style and marketing than substance. On top of that, the smell doesn’t stay with you that long and after the initial confusing smell, it’s pretty damn forgettable. I’m still waiting to “unleash the power of extra sexual perception” as the side of the product claims.

I personally haven’t tried the rest of the brand’s releases, but this definitely wasn’t a great introduction.

3 Responses to “Axe Body Wash – Boost”

  1. Hohman Says:

    OK straight up, I am completely against the entire marketing of Men products or for men products whatever the fuck it is. I mean Gillette, is like 4 blades is better then lesser blades, well no fucking duh. They treat us like some stupid fucking chick marketeers, no offense woman but come on micro scrubbing bubbles you fall for that shit!, I Just think we should start saying no to these companies that think they have our demographic locked in. If we stop buying them and tell them to say hey, “Fuck wads you don’t have volcanic ash and guava in the soap and even if you did that wouldn’t do shit you dick!” then I think maybe they would wisen up eventually and say hey no bullshit this smells nice and will make you smell nice, buy it. I say boycott those mofos and lets all man/woman-up and buy what “smells nice” or atleast gets the job done!

  2. Andrew Says:

    Volcanic stone extract? At least that Lava soap has the balls to call it PUMICE.

  3. Hohman Says:

    Yeah! Exfoliate this! Bitch, Hey and lava soap floats…Axe Gel? Dont think so!

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