Bangai-O Spirits (Guest Review)
By Good-Evil Contributor Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Contributed by Matt Gburek, our senior correspondent in Japan. Bangai-O Spirits for the DS is a really great shooter. It’s a very cialis vs viagra reviews different game from its predecessor and at first I wasn’t sure what to think, but the more I play it, the more I like it. The game isn’t nearly as simple as it used to be. You have a myriad of special weapons this time around, and you can equip two normal weapons and two special weapons at the same time. The stage design is very intricate and each one has its own unique concept this time around (with cialis one a day prezzo interesting ideas like “Use the baseball bat to knock balls back at enemies!” and “Get from point

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A to point B before the goal closes!”), so rather than just going in there and destroying everything in your path, HOW you’re actually going to go about doing that plays a key role this time. Therefore, you have to think carefully about the weapons you choose before entering each

level. Additionally, destroying things is not always the point of the level, and there are even some puzzle elements this time around. A level always ends when all enemies marked as “targets” are destroyed, and there are no real bosses in that sense. The brilliance of Bangai-O Spirits is the stage design, and how a simple and enjoyable concept can be made using relatively simple tools. The game contains a level editor, and it was with this same level editor that Treasure themselves made all the stages in the game! If that’s the case, then the main levels in the game aren’t just made to be beaten and then never returned to, but rather to serve as templates or inspiration for you when you make your own. On that note, the most free pharmacy online important thing to remember is that the level med rx online pharmacy editor in the game is not just an extra: it IS the point of the game. You can edit the default levels on the fly (as in, while playing them, although you can’t record your high score for that stage if you do so) and you can save and send your levels via a technique called “sound relay,” which compresses the data of your level into a sound which can be read via putting a speaker playing the sound up to the DS microphone. Needless to say, this is pretty cool stuff. Unfortunately, I think most Treasure fans will likely lambast it for not being like the original, but their loss, I say. There’s little to dislike about it, but one thing I admittedly don’t like. Outside of tutorial mode, there is no dialogue in the game whatsoever, which was one of the best parts of the original. I understand that it wouldn’t have fit the game’s premise this time and thus had to go, but still, it is missed. In short, Bangai-O Spirits is not concerned with being a direct sucessor to it’s predecessor as it is with being a homage to every great archaic 2D PC game with a level editor, which makes sense since Bangai-O itself was originally a remake of a Sharp X-1 game called Hover Attack (more info here). The game is essentially an inquisition into old-school game design theory and the player’s real test is to use the knowledge that he or she absorbs from playing the default levels in order to make their own interesting concepts and execute them. It hasn’t left my DS for almost a month now and I’m working on some brilliant stuff! Note: This game

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will see American release sometime later this year.

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