Battle Zeque-Den
By Para Gon Tuesday, 2 Jun 2009

This is part of my continuing series of playing and reviewing random SNES games I’ve never heard of. Some of these are just quick looks at the game, and may not be too terribly in depth. Today’s game is Battle Zeque Legend/Battle Zeque-Den! I don’t know what “Zeque” is supposed to mean.

Battle Zeque-Den title screen

Battle Zeque-Den title screen

Hitting “Start” brings you to a character select screen.


All I can figure out is that those are the characters’ names and the red one is Ruka.


This is the stage map. Moves along, tracks your progress, kinda like Ghouls ‘n Ghosts or Super Castlevania 4. The music is kinda nice.

WHAP back off, perv

WHAP back off, perv

Here’s the gameplay! Y is attack (goes into a combo automatically), B is jump (you can double-jump), R/L block, down crouches. Walking into an enemy grabs them, which is like in Final Fight where you can hit them a couple times and/or throw them. There are a few different ways of doing special moves:

Special 1 – B+Y at the same time: A “crowd control” type move that hits nearby enemies but hurts your own character too.
Special 2

– X: Uses the one of the little red gems that are below your life bar.
Special 3 – Down then Up then Y: Doesn’t cost you anything.
Aside from all that, each character is different.

Blue is a little faster than the other two, and hits more when she combos (but might have weaker attacks). Special 1 is a forward somersault kick, very fast and cool. Special 2 launches some kind of magic circles/seals/symbols at enemies anywhere on screen. Special 3 launches ice magic straight ahead, which freezes one enemy (they’re invincible but can’t move or attack) for a little bit. Down+Y while jumping does an attack that bounces off enemies’ heads. A stationary jump + attack and/or holding up+hitting attack does a head-level kick, but I’m not sure what the point of this is.

Yellow is a little slower, probably because she’s wearing those huge fuzzy/foam paw gloves (fucking furries!). Special 1 is a spin attack that lasts for a couple seconds, and you can move back and forth while doing it. Special 2 summons a couple of frogs which latch onto enemies and attack a couple times. Special 3 punches the ground and launches a shockwave, which is badass and really useful (but it stops when it hits a ledge). You can hold Y to do a rushing charge attack, hits twice and is pretty powerful. She also has a special throw by grabbing then holding up and attacking (German Suplex), and she can do a piledriver, but I can’t figure out how I did it.

Red is in the middle, of course. Special 1 launches a flaming avatar of herself skyward in a Shoryuken-like attack. Special 2 causes her to glow and powers up her normal attacks (you can tell because they cause little explosions). Special 3 launches her skyward and is multi-hit, it’s pretty good to end a grab attack. She can also do a fast slide attack with diagonal-down+Y, which is great for getting the drop on enemies.

Here are some of the attacks!


The enemies are similar to Final Fight enemies; each one is a little different, but mostly there are just different “types” of enemies. Fat guys can slide like Ruka, ninjas can throw stuff, the dudes who wear a Kasa like Raiden enter the screen by hiding in their hat and flying into you. The first stage seems to be mostly bandit-themed, I guess.


This guy is apparently the dragon god of that shrine or something? He’s kinda tough. He can block, and he has some strong attacks that are tough to dodge, like this one:


Stage 2 is a cave, complete with cavemen and ninjas (yes, cavemen and ninjas existed at the same time, and often allied). Unfortunately, the mook-fighting is repetitive and it takes a little too long to kill some of them.

The music is very asian-sounding, both instrumentally and compositionally. It’s not great, but it’s not bad either. And looking at the screenshots again, this is a pretty nice-looking game, isn’t it? A shame it’s not that great.

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  1. jer Says:

    mmmm furries. this game looks amazing.

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