B.B. Gun
By Para Gon Friday, 24 Apr 2009

This is part of my continuing series of playing and reviewing random SNES games I’ve never heard of. This time we tackle….B.B. (Ball Bullet) Gun!


This game seems to basically be a paintball-style game. It’s pretty complicated to explain, but it’s actually pretty intuitive once you get into it. Before you can play, you have to make a team.


As you can see, I named my team “wowowowowowowowo”. If there were any dialogue, I’d be able to figure out when someone’s talking about my team lickety split!


After you name your team, you have to make a leader and seven other soldiers. You pick from one of three leaders; as far as I can tell, the middle one is always worse than the top one with no advantage whatsoever. The bottom is usually better than the top in one area, but has less HP. And is a girl.


For the other seven slots, you first choose a solider type; in order, those are “Attack”, “Task Force”, “Defense”, and “Sniper”. The default task force was outfitted with a spread gun (Uzi), but it might be moot. After you select a type, you get a one-in-three choice similar to the leader selection.


By selecting “outfit” for any of the soldiers, you come to this screen, where you get to pick their main and side arms. Notice the little pattern on the bottom right,

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which shows you the accuracy of the weapon at various ranges. Weapons include sniper rifles, assault rifles (medium range), shotguns, SMGs, pistols, and knives. You could technically pick sniper rifles for both slots but it would weigh the character down and make them useless for close range.


Finally, here we see what the game screen looks like. Your characters move around on a grid just like in Stealth, but the map is a lot smaller. You can also see how the characters have specific ranges of vision that they can’t see out of (which takes into account the direction they’re facing). Your characters use AP for everything, which means you can move and attack multiple times per turn. You use X to select the menu to end your turn.


The enemy turn doesn’t actually show them moving around, so you can’t tell where they go. You get to see who they’re going after, though.

yo shades ain't shit against mah shotty

yo shades ain't shit against mah shotty

Missions come in all shapes and sizes, or at least I assume from the fact that the first one is a field with a river in it, and the second is in a narrow building.

Overall, again, this one is mediocre.

3 Responses to “B.B. Gun”

  1. jer Says:

    Wow. Despite the “Okay” rating, this game looks incredible.

  2. f.poopsmell Says:

    Is that what BB stands for? I never knew that…

  3. Zach Patterson Says:

    it could be, but keep in mind it could just as easily be some wonderful engrish.

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