Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
By Audun Sorlie Friday, 27 May 2005

Now how fun can it be running around in a chicken suit handling an egg? Well, take it from a guy running around with panties on his head fondling men, quite fun actually.

Billy Hatcher and The Giant Egg is Sonic Team’s new line of platform game, starring Billy, a young boy becoming a man by putting on a chicken suit and saving the day from shadows and snowmen. Yes, this game is undeniably cute and childish, but such a thing is a given when you have a Sonic Team platformer.

You start the game off as plain old Billy, who’s being attacked by shadow crows while playing with his friends. A chicken tells him he must free the elder hen, and get hold of the chicken suit in order to do so. The chicken suit gives you the ability to roll eggs, your main offensive against bad guys, roll the egg over them and squash them. And collect fruit to build up the egg, which can contain power ups and even friendly helpers like penguins, flying monkeys, etc… And who knows, maybe you’ll find a blue spiked friend in there too?

The graphics are quite cartoony and smooth, while maybe a little dull, but it’s warm and rich colors in addition to the nice scenery makes up for this. Some of the enemies are a little simple, and makes the game seem a little uneven on the graphics, since Billy himself has the graphics, while some bad guys walk around with ugly N64-ish edges.

The music is VERY light hearted and cute, with nice bunch of catchy pop tunes, like every Sega game has almost. Composers Tomoya Ohtani (Chu Chu Rocket) and Mariko Namba (Space Channel 5) did a great job with the soundtrack, with Shige Kawagoe and singer Yukari Fresh performing the main title. However, it might be a bit too cute and childish for some.

The controls are good, but handling the egg can sometimes be frustrating and hard, because the game is quite sensitive when it comes to the analog stick, so you tend to turn and much quicker than expected and therefore, lose your egg. But it’s something you get used too, and since you get 1-ups around every corner, there’s no need to worry. Patience is the key.

This game also sports a 4-player multiplayer game. The goal of the multiplayer game is to find an egg, collect fruits and grow it, and either roll the egg into other players to defeat them, or hatch the egg and use the power ups to beat them.

In all, this game is a quality, above average platformer. Sonic Team knows how to do it, and while the egg rolling can be tedious at times, the music too popish, and the levels too a bit too colorful, you have to remember it’s a platformer with a guy in a chicken suit. It’s meant to be a light, warm game for everyone to enjoy. If you like platformers alà Mario and Sonic, this will be a treat.