By Matt Jones Thursday, 22 May 2008

This is part one in a series for G-E. I will go over the games that I had on my Top 07 Games of ’07 list (as seen in the groundbreaking [and initially incomplete] list Top 07 Top 07 of ’07). Because four of the games I listed already have posts, I will be going over the three without, namely Rock Band, Mass Effect, and today’s item, BioShock. Disclaimer: I have never been a really big PC gamer. I didn’t have a PC that could run viagraonline-edstore Windows until 1997 or so. My life was established mostly on DOS games, and when I made the leap to PC games, I relied on my local library for gaming purposes, so my PC life was restricted mainly to Civilization II (one of the truly great games of all time). That being said, I have never had a chance to play System Shock, System Shock II or Deus Ex or any of those legendary PC FPS games that would make BioShock a “less new” experience. I am coming from a history of console gaming and light console FPS gaming (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Halo.) And now, without further ado, here is my review of BioShock. THE STORY: You know, if you don’t know the story of BioShock already, you’re probably not paying attention to the internet and you probably would never have come here in the first place, because this is where people in the know go. But for the uninitiated, here goes: Objectivist archetype Andrew Ryan was sick of the man keeping him down, so he took his untold millions of dollars and built a city on the ocean floor called Rapture, inviting those who agree with his views to come join him and live unbound by the rules of government and religion. Of course, it all goes to hell, as most utopias do, and we pick up in a post-revolution Rapture as the unknown protagonist who has arrived at Rapture via a downed plane. As we enter the world, we are introduced to a man named Atlas, who guides us through the underwater city to help him and his family escape. Andrew Ryan, Atlas’s nemesis, tries to thwart you at every turn. I will not reveal any more of the story due to spoiler avoidance, but it goes without saying that not all is as it seems, you will meet a cast of dark characters, and you will more than likely step back and think about the greater implications of the game, which few games actually do. Oh, and you meet this nice man named Sander Cohen. His escapades make for some of the greatest gaming in history. THE GAMEPLAY: BioShock is a first person shooter with generic viagra online a twist: using the right trigger and shoulder button, you choose (RB) and fire (RT) the weapons, aka the guns and the wrench that hits things when you run out of ammo. The left trigger and shoulder button helps you choose (LB) and fire (LT) your plasmid abilities, which is essentially the “magic” of Rapture. You see, when politics plays no part in your science, you can create all sorts of fucked up shit, according to BioShock, so if we didn’t have government and religion to hold us back, we could all be shooting fire out of our bodies, or lightning, or bees. Not something I’d actually want to see in real life, but in BioShock, it’s a hell of a lot of fun to use! What’s great is that there are so many ways to kill people in BioShock that you can get creative and run around setting people on fire, who will then run to water to douse the flames. When they how was viagra discovered are in the water, take out

your electricity plasmid, and fry the bastards in the water. Shocking! BioShock also has a few other major elements to the gameplay. The first is photography, where you can do research on your enemies to make yourself more powerful against them. Just take a snap of them, and your research bar goes up, making it easier to kill them. The second is hacking, whereby you take control of video cameras, flying defense gunners or gun turrets, who will then protect you and go after the enemies. The hacking is a game of moving pipes from one part of a grid to the other so that a flow of water reaches the other side. It’s kind of fun at first, but gets a bit tiresome when you know which ones you’re screwed on. The final and “most important” is the choice of whether to be a good guy or a bad guy, aka the “moral” choice. BioShock talked a big game about this at the beginning, but it’s nothing on the level of KOTOR or Mass Effect or any other BioWare or BioWare influenced game. Basically, there are these small children running around called Little Sisters, who hold ADAM, which is the genetic currency of Rapture. The more ADAM you have, the more plasmids you can obtain and the more powerful you would be. The Little Sisters are protected by the kings of the box cover, the Big Daddies. They are the big bad diving helmet dudes with giant screws for arms. To get to a Little Sister, you gotta kill the Big Daddy protecting her, which is almost like a boss battle every time you face one. You could choose not to fight the Big Daddy or get the Little Sister’s ADAM, but then you would be uber-weak and struggle at the end of the game. The “moral” choice comes once you’ve defeated the Big Daddy. You can either “save” the Little Sister by only removing part of her ADAM, which sets her free from her disease and makes her into a normal girl again, or you can take ALL of her ADAM and kill the girl in the process. Some doctor will thank you for saving the girls and berate you for killing them, but in the end, it pretty much comes down to one thing: do you really want more ADAM? I mean, I ONLY play light side in the KOTOR games, so I saved them all during my first playthrough, but I have no issues with killing them on my second playthrough, whereas I would not be

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able to be mean enough to play dark side all the way through in a KOTOR game. So, morality is kind of weak in this game, but it’s still a choice. Great stuff from the gameplay keeps the long game fresh. THE AESTHETICS Graphics are absolutely wonderful, the art style incredible, and the sound is probably the best sound ever in a video game. The music is superb and the voice acting is almost unmatched in the history of video games, and it stands up strongly to most films that require voice acting. You will not be disappointed in the aesthetics of Rapture. You will almost certainly be caught up in the world that was created by the good folks at 2K. THE VERDICT Look, this is my favorite game of 2007. I didn’t get to tell you about the discovery of the world via audio tapes, the crazy cast of characters you meet, the twists in the story, the excitement you get with each Big Daddy fight. And I didn’t tell you a damn thing about Fort Frolic, which is in my mind, the greatest single level in video game history. Everything about it is pitch perfect, and you meet my good friend Sander Cohen…sigh. So amazing. You MUST play through this game at least to Fort Frolic. If you cialis online do not care to play past that level, I can forgive you of your sin, but I think that level should be shown to any and all designers out there to show you what truly great strides video games have made in the past decade. PLAY THIS GAME. Classic.

8 Responses to “BioShock”

  1. Matt Jones Says:

    Oh, and I wanted to put up a logo for the header, but I lost the instructions on how to do that. Help me, Obi Wan Patterson, you’re my only hope!

  2. Andrew Raub Says:

    Man, I really need to beat this game sometime. Or just say I don’t like it. It’s beautiful, but it just gets too hard at times or something. I dunno. I wish there was more ammo, mostly, because this game has the weakest aiming I’ve seen in a FPS in a while.

  3. Zach Patterson Says:

    i got your back skip.

    my yearning to play this game is great. i’ve been trying to make excuses to buy a new pc just so i can play it.

    and you make me want it AGAIN.

  4. Charlie Goodrich Says:

    I as well desired to play this game. Unfortunately my PC seems to have reached its limit graphically. I couldn’t get a demo to run. So sad. Here’s a fun fact though, the word utopia is Greek and translates to “no where.” Very clever I think.

  5. Chris Derosa Says:

    I own it but haven’t played it. Instead, I watched my brother play through it. If the ending was maybe longer than a minute, it wouldn’t have looked so rushed. But I did like the atmosphere, RPG elements, and story.

  6. Matt Jones Says:

    Clearly your lack of ammo demonstrates your lack of proper plasmid usage, Rauble. Either that, or you have not taken full advantage of the researching via the camera. I struggled at the end of the game with killing routine characters on my first play through, until I found out that the researching makes them so much easier. On my second play through, when I had fully researched the splicers, they went down like flies.

    I didn’t comment on the endings, which are lackluster admittedly, but the game is about fifteen to twenty hours long, has some of the greatest atmosphere I’ve experienced in a FPS, and is extremely enjoyable on almost all counts. Plus, it actually makes you think about the way you play games two thirds of the way through, which is awesome.

  7. Andrew Raub Says:

    Well, I haven’t even gotten to any cameras yet (I don’t think?). I’m pretty close to the beginning of the second level (the wharf place), and I only have 3 plasmids (fire, electricity, telekinesis). Really my complaint mainly comes from the fact that I killed a Big Daddy, and then it respawned at the beginning of the level, so I ended up repeatedly dying, recharge in the vita-chamber, and then get a few whacks with my wrench before it killed me, repeat.

  8. Matt Jones Says:

    Well, two things:

    1. You’re just about to get a camera, so don’t give up yet!

    2. Once you kill the Big Daddy to get the Little Sister, you don’t have to kill them anymore. They will LEAVE YOU ALONE. They aren’t like splicers who will chase you.

    Give it another chance rauble! You must make it to Fort Frolic to see the glories I have seen!

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