Bit Rat – Channel: 1 EP
By Andrew Raub Thursday, 23 Apr 2009

Bit Rat is a new chiptune project by Josiah Tobin. The Channel: 1 EP is an experimental, single channel EP full of wacky chiptune goodness. For the non-extreme-nerds out there, this means that only one sound is produced at a time. If a drum sample is triggered, then that’s it. Nothing else is playing at that moment.

It seems like a tricky task, but the music speaks for itself. The majority of it is quirky, but it is all enjoyable. Starting off with “Quince”, a Euro-style dance song, it’s easy to hear how this is going to work. There is a common stutter and swagger present in each song. The interplay between the beats, the melodies, and the bass lines become immensely interesting. If you aren’t paying attention, it may even seem like this EP isn’t following any strict limitations.

Totaling 8 songs at 15 minutes in length, this EP is a brief trip through a funky fresh experiment. This obviously is not going to be for everyone, but there is an extreme level of dancability present in each of these delicious tracks. Check it out. It’s free and interesting!

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  1. Zach Patterson Says:

    I missed this one when it was first announced, but i might have to give it a listen. haven’t had a good chiptune album in awhile, and it’s hard not to give a 15 min album a listen.

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