Blue Stinger
By Charlie Goodrich Saturday, 19 Sep 2009

The tenth anniversary of the Dreamcast got me thinking about how I feel about the system. I bought a Dreamcast when it launched, but I was never enamored with the system. I probably only ever owned a total of fifteen Dreamcast games just because the library lacked anything I really cared for. Actually, during Sega’s era of system making, I always preferred either Nintendo (NES and SNES) or Sony (Playstation and PS2). Anyhow, on the day I bought my Dreamcast, I purchased a copy of Blue Stinger. Seeing screen shots and reading previews of Blue Stinger reminded me of Resident Evil. This immediately peaked my interest in the game, and I was excited to try it out. My excitement was quickly destroyed when I started to play more and more of Blue Stinger. I’ll admit right now I don’t remember much of this game, but there are some main points that stick out in my mind. I remember the controls were pretty horrible and the camera was a main issue. You will have to constantly reposition the camera and gently move your character to interact with something. The sound quality, voice acting, and music were all pretty lousy too. The voice acting is probably

the worst I have ever heard in a video game. Not only did the voice never match up with the character’s mouths, but everyone talked in a monotone. bluestinger1 Blue Stinger wasn’t all bad though. The story was decent. I remember an island appears out of the ocean and your character investigates this new landmass. The island brings with it monsters that you must hunt down in order to survive. The combat was pretty well done and there was a challenge to high level enemies and bosses. The puzzles were also challenging as well as realistic. There was a lot of backtracking to do before you could discover a new area, but there was never a puzzle that made you find three random emblems and place them in a statue to open a door. Back in 1999 the

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graphics were also a strength of this game. I looked up some screen shots to see how they have aged and the game still looks playable. The graphics are blocky but the environments still look nice. Was Blue Stinger a good game? No. In the end it just made me anticipate Resident Evil: Code Veronica even more. I was salivating when that game came out due in part to Blue Stinger’s lack of quality. However, Blue Stinger isn’t a bad game and if you own a Dreamcast and want to try something you might have overlooked give Blue Stinger a try. There are enough positives to make this game worth a play through.

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