BS Kaizou Tyoujin Shubibinman Zero
By Para Gon Sunday, 9 Aug 2009

This is part of my continuing series of playing and reviewing random SNES games I’ve never heard of. Some of these are just quick looks at the game, and may not be too terribly in depth. Today’s game is BS Kaizou Tyoujin Shubibinman Zero. Prefixed with “BS”, this means it was a Bandai Satellite game, apparently a Japan-only SNES equivalent to the Sega Channel. (Most of the games I’ve tried that were prefixed with BS were newsletters and such, I think). The title means Restructuring Super Human Shubibinman (Shubibinman being a name, like Spiderman, although I don’t know what Shubibin means; probably some kind of sound effect), although it’s written as “Merchant” instead of “Superhuman”. Apparently this game series is a parody of the goofy power rangers-type action show, so it’s probably a pun or joke. Anyway, from playing it for a little bit I would’ve guessed it was more of a parody of Mega Man than anything else. The music sounds like a Mega Man X knockoff, the guy is blue, and there’s even a grey-haired scientist! See? Your main attacks are a punch and jump-kick, but you can shoot a fireball by holding Y and do a Dragon Punch by the Forward-Down-DownForward motion. Both are multi-hit and the dragon punch in particular can do a lot of damage if everything is lined up right. You fight a lot of the same enemies over and over, each one having a slightly different gimmick (one walks, one jumps, one shoots projectiles horizontally, one throws pickaxes in an arc, etc). The first stage is too long, but eventually you get to a boss fight. If you get close and do the dragon punch, you almost completely kill it in one move. Not hard at all. The second boss (first picture above) is a guy your size who is maneuverable and has some invincibility frames after you knock him down, which makes him a little tough (but not really). The third boss (second picture buy cialis online above) is a mechanical octopus, and, again, he’s a pushover. Almost everything, save for the little bits

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of dialogue, is English, or at least Engrish. Enemies drop little items that give you points, including Gold, Famincom, Coins, Game Cassettes, and Juels. BS Kaizou Tyoujin Shubibinman Zero is unfortunately repetitive, pathetically easy, and overall uninteresting. I don’t know how the Bandai Satellite worked, but if it was a subscription thing like generic viagra the Sega Channel it wouldn’t surprise me if half-assed games like this were the norm.

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