Bubble Bobble: Old and New
By Charlie Goodrich Thursday, 30 Dec 2004

What are the two best combined words ever? Eighties nostalgia. And Bubble Bobble pours it on like Elvis pours gravy on a ham sandwich. This was a great game back in the eighties and it continues to be today. It is simplicity at work. Fight your way through one-hundred levels of monsters to save your girlfriends. With the ability to link up and play with a friend using only one cartage is wonderful.

The basic idea is to shoot bubbles at enemies and then burst the bubble with them inside. As the game progresses it gets much harder. You have to work around obstacles and find creative ways of completing levels. The closer you get to the end the harder the enemies become too. Things can get crazy, but after practice you will be able to overcome anything this game can throw at you.

Bubble Bobble does show its age. The graphics are old but still look fine. You will have so much fun playing it you won’t notice them. They did include an updated version of the game. The graphics and sound have been improved in this version.

This is a great game that is a blast to play. If you loved it in the eighties, you’re going to love it today. And if you are looking for a fun quick pickup and play game for twenty dollars go buy Bubble Bobble for the GBA.

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