Conan O’Brien: Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour
By Zach Patterson Wednesday, 2 Jun 2010

Sunday night, I decided to head to Atlantic City to catch Conan’s live tour, as I’ve been a big fan of his for ages, and months of no Coco on tv had left me really looking forward to what he could do with a live show. I’m very glad to say that not only did he not disappoint, but it was probably one of the best live comedy/musical shows I’ve ever been to.

The show was split up into musical segments, where most of Conan’s band from the show (minus Max Weinberg and I think one other person) really lit up the place. Their opening number was awesome, as they were loud, energetic and engaged the crowd. La Bamba went running right by my seat! Conan also sang and played quite a few songs with them as well. The show also had Conan doing standup/monologues, pre-recorded skits (that were fantastic), and a guest short standup set by one of Conan’s writers from the show.

In short, Conan was great. He was his usual self, egging on the crowd and laughing at stupid things he could make us chant. He made continuous references to his NBC situation (in fact, that was essentially the entire premise of the show). He was a bit more raw than I was used to seeing him, as he was dropping f-bombs left and right, which kinda made him even funnier. You could tell he didn’t give a shit and was just having fun. Which was good, because I love Conan, but especially on The Tonight Show, he seemed to have a tendency to go for the easy joke too often to get a cheap laugh. Here, he was just telling stories and fucking around with us, and honestly my face hurt from laughing so much.

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guests kept things fresh as well. Andy Richter popped up halfway through and they were just kinda being chummy and funny together. I love Andy so I was glad to see he made it. Then there was the giant inflatable bat that took up the entirety of the back of the stage, which Conan claimed he bought at auction from Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell tour. He said as soon as he saw it, he thought it was the worst bat out of hell ever, as it has a goofy smile and plastic flag teeth, but he paid for it and he was going to use it. The ridiculous bat then proceeded to inflate randomly throughout the show with flames across the monitors. Then Conan popped up at one point wearing this purple and white leather jumpsuit that Eddie Murphy wore in his 1987 comedy special. It was possibly the most ridiculous look I’ve ever seen. Also, the standup by one of Conan’s writers was pretty funny and a nice change of pace too, though I’m positive that he performed nearly the exact same routine on The Tonight Show earlier this year.

Honestly, it was just a really great show, and although it was a bit pricey (120/ticket), it was probably better than I possibly could have hoped for. Conan seems to be loving the road and the crowds, as he came out and let everyone mob him after the show. If you love Conan, you owe it to yourself to try to get out and see him if you can afford it and have the chance. I guarantee you will have a fantastic time.

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