Concert: Dinosaur Jr: 5/1/09
By Zach Patterson Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Dinosaur Jr. quickly went from being a relatively unknown band to me, to being one of my absolute favorites since 2000. Chalk one up to the value of taking chances on cheap used CD’s at flea markets, but I picked up Where You Been and Without A Sound for a dollar or two, and instantly knew this was my type of band. however, at the time I got into them, Dinosaur Jr. was no longer around, and their original lineup hadn’t been together since the 80’s. That all changed when they released Beyond in 2007, but for whatever reason I completely missed the reunion tour. Luckily, unlike some bands whose reunions are short-lived, Dinosaur Jr. have continued to make music that lives up to their pedigree as one of the most influential independent, guitar-driven, alternative rock acts of the 80’s and 90’s. And so, the opportunity finally presented itself last Friday at the Chameleon in Lancaster, project payday PA to see Dinosaur Jr. While the Chameleon can be a decent place to see a show when it isn’t packed, it can often be man-meat locker when a popular band comes to town, and this show was packed from the get go, and hot as fuck. Luckily, I was rewarded with only one opener, and it happened to be legendary bassist Mike Watt and his band. Though I couldn’t understand a word Mike said payday 2 wiki the entire time, his band played a nice mix of hard rock/old man punk, and Watt was quite the showman, displaying a hell of a lot of energy for a guy who’s over 50. The real draw for me though was J. Mascis, payday loan Lou Barlow, and Murph, and I have to say they played exactly the kind of moneytree payday loans set you would want from them. The music was LOUD (my ears were still ringing Monday), their performance was tight and impeccable, but also left a lot of room for jamming out their songs. J. is about payday loans direct lender the most casual dude ever pulling off amazing stuff on guitar, as he looked like payday advance he was indifferent or half-bored while blazing through guitar solos, while Lou was making up for it by ripping it up on bass. The band has a great dynamic, and their music comes alive even more so in a live setting. I have to admit I don’t listen to the 3 original albums as much as I should castle payday (I got all the post-Barlow albums first because they were easier to find before their re-releases in 2005, payday loans online no credit check so that might online payday loans have something to do with it), but hearing them performed live really gave me a new appreciation for these albums, and just how and why they were as influential as they were. You’re Living All Over Me has been playing all week payday loans las vegas on my mp3 player, and it’s playing right now as I type this. Their song selection was also excellent, as they touched on the post-Barlow albums (with songs such as “The Wagon” and “Feel the Pain”), the new album and Beyond (Barlow even sang “Back to Your Heart”, which was great), played almost half of you’re Living All Over Me, payday the heist as well as a bunch of songs from Bug and a couple from their first album. When the evening finally ended, I walked away sweaty, half-deaf and on a “I just saw an amazing concert” buzz. And the band was even nice enough to hand out free 7″s to everyone who wanted them, with two live recordings of a new song “I Don’t Wanna Go There”, and “Tarpit” from YLAOM. A nice touch. In short, if you like Dinosaur Jr. and haven’t seen them live, make it a point to do so. If all you’ve heard is “Feel the Pain” in Rock Band 2, well, pick up a few albums and go see them live too. This was one of the best live performances I’ve seen since Built To Spill last year (which also happened to be at the Chameleon).

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  1. Andrew Raub Says:

    Only thing that could have been better is playing “Lightning Bulb” instead of “Back to Your Heart”

  2. jer Says:

    This was great, although I wish I remembered more of it. Damn you Dead Guy Ale!

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