Date Night
By Zach Patterson Sunday, 11 Apr 2010

Date Night is a forgettable movie through and through. It’s got a great cast full of actors I like, but the execution just isn’t there.

I like Tina Fey and Steve Carell a lot. I think they are two of the funnier actors around these days. But this movie features an okay script and probably too much of both of them. There’s a lot of other cameos and actors here too, but they certainly could have given them more face time (Mark Wahlberg, Ray “How do you like my krug?” Liotta, James Franco, Kristen Wiig, Mark Ruffalo, Mila Kunis, and William Fichtner were all good but were barely in it). As it is, the movie is heavily focused around Fey and Carell’s characters. They play the basic busy parents with barely any time to themselves thanks to work and kids who try to spice up their typical date night after they find out one of their couple friends were getting divorced, and some of their reasons resonated with the main characters. The resulting plot from there gets pretty silly and really isn’t to be taken too seriously, as it involves a so-so mix of action

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and comedy with Fey and Carrell on the run from thugs who have mistaken them for a couple that has incriminating evidence on the DA.

I think the biggest problem is just that the plot is kinda shitty and there are decently long stretches where there’s no humor, and the action isn’t near good enough to make up for it. I suppose it didn’t help that I was tired while watching it, but I found myself just completely losing interest in the plot and drifting a bit during some slow scenes. And as I alluded to earlier, there was some great supporting talent in this movie, but it was barely used. James Franco is a great comedic actor and his and Mila Kunis’ scene, which is a big part of the overall plot, is basically a 5 minute cameo. Mark Wahlberg’s entire purpose in the movie seemed to be to walk around without a shirt on and provide easy plot devices.

That being said, it’s not awful, and it is watchable. There are definitely some funny improvised scenes and good one-liners here and there, but I kinda expected a lot more considering the talent in the movie. It seems like everyone involved had a great time making it, and the outtakes at the end were funnier than most the stuff in the movie, so it’s disappointing to see that the movie itself feels a little chopped up and flat. It’s an alright rental, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it.

5 Responses to “Date Night”

  1. jer Says:

    Damn. I need this to do well. Steve Carell is in my celebrity draft!

  2. Brian Hohman Says:

    Ha ha!

  3. jer Says:

    #1 at box office = points for Jeremy.

  4. Brian Hohman Says:

    I am so sorry man, they actually miscalculated reports…”Despite Sunday morning studio estimates reporting Date Night in first, Clash of the Titans prevailed when actual grosses were tallied on Monday, but less than $1.8 million separated the top three movies.”…So again, Ha Ha! 😉

  5. jer Says:


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