Dial For Men Body Wash – Recharge
By Zach Patterson Tuesday, 27 Mar 2007

It seems this ‘For Men’ fad really caught on a couple years ago with personal hygiene products and every company now seems to have their own line. Dial is one of the more recent companies to release a “manly” body wash, and since I’m always looking for the next big thing to make me smell great, I decided to give it a shot. The first thing I noticed about it in the body wash aisle was its bottle, in a super ergonomic shape because it’s, you know, MANLY. And of course it uses the requisite dark grey and blues on the bottle to make sure that you are not getting some sissy ass body wash. In the store, I gave it the obligatory sniff test, and while it wasn’t quite as fragrant as some other washes on the market, I thought it had a nice smell, it supposedly kept your skin from getting dry (a big problem with me), and it seemed like you got quite a bit of it in their tall, wide bottle (turns out its 18oz, about the same as most others on the market). That didn’t stop them from charging about a dollar more than most others, at $5.99 a bottle. Regardless, I picked it up.

Later that night, I decided to dip in and try some. Upon lathering up, I was surprised to find that nice smell I had experience earlier did not really translate to actual use. It just smelled like a slightly above average common bar soap, and I was quite disappointed. “This isn’t manly!” I thought. “How is this gonna put (more) hair on my chest!?” After repeated washings, I just found the smell to be completely unmemorable. On the plus side, you do keep this generic smell on you for quite some time, as I noticed it stayed with me usually half way through a work day. This is also in stark contrast to some otherwise great smelling body washes that are gone in about an hour after use. But that of course was not the big selling point for this Dial product. It was its ability to not dry out your skin. On this note, I was happy that it pretty much was as advertised. Though my face still felt rather dry after use, the rest of my body felt less dry than when using something like Axe. Though I think they are touting it as a bit more than it is, it definitely will not leave you with dry crackly skin.

Overall, this is a decent product that would be good for those with dry skin and aren’t too picky about soap. It’s a bit overpriced, however, and it’s smell isn’t all that fresh and manly.

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  1. Sherv Says:

    I always feel so wasteful using these things as opposed to a bar of soap. I bet you could get some wacky results by combining the Man Body Wash with some dial bar soap too!

  2. Art Says:

    “This isn’t manly!” I thought. “How is this gonna put (more) hair on my chest!?”

    I’m looking for the soap for men that takes it off… along with other hard to reach areas…

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