Don Caballero – Punkgasm (Guest Review)
By Good-Evil Contributor Monday, 25 Aug 2008

Contributed by Shawn Phase.

What can be said about a band like the Don that hasnt been said by many other reviews or interviews? One of the main points that i feel should be said is that this is a band that has predated many genres and idioms in the past. While “indierock” has run its course in a time where reunion tours of these types of bands is commonplace, and even after ‘mathrock’ as a niche has run thin, Don Caballero prove to every hipster and critic that they have remained true to their sound and what made them unique for over 15 years.

Drummer and original member Damon Che’s style and approach to playing certainly seems as if he has checked his mind at the door and for the first time, approached his kit in terms of each drum being its own instrument, something which from by terms after 5 albums seems almost contrived, but still incredible. Producer Al Sutton who recorded the band’s 1994 maelstrom of genius ‘2’ has done wonders on this gem of a record with his styles, providing clarity in both the nuances of presenting Damon’s drumset to the mix, but also the addition of vocals on a few of the songs as well.

Guitarist Gene Doyle and bassist Jason Jouver’s respected instruments tangle and intersect each other in uncanny ways with dissonance rather than a traditional approach to melody and harmony, especially in songs such as ‘Bulk Eye’, ‘Pour You Into The Rug’, and ‘Lord Krepelka’. These songs may seem like a departure to the traditional Don Caballero sound, but in my opinion, this record only serves far more than the bands last offering ‘World Class Listening Problem’ in an effort to solidify a new era of Don Caballero that is more self-aware and appreciative of the past that it has helped to forge. This record is a great example of what made this band one of the most memorable life shows you may never get the chance to see.

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