By Charlie Goodrich Tuesday, 18 Mar 2008

Here’s the scoop, if you love action movies then you will love Doomsday. I was expecting little from this film. I saw some previews, and Doomsday seemed like another typical action flick: shallow characters, stuff blowing up, poorly executed one-liners, plot holes the size of Texas, and an overly predictable ending (yawn). I thought it would be entertaining and worth a watch, nothing more. However, when walking out of the theater, I was pleasantly surprised that this movie included few of the characteristics mentioned above. There are some negatives to this movie, but I literally thought to myself while watching, “I don’t fucking care. This is awesome!” Allow me to delve into this film and perhaps I can steer you towards or away from Doomsday.

The story of Doomsday is a hybrid of sorts. It combines 28 Days Later, Escape from New York, and Mad Max. Interesting, you say? Why yes, yes it is. Let me run through the story without trying to give away too much. A viral outbreak strikes Great Britain and part of the island is quarantined (ala 28 Days Later). The government desires a cure and sends in a crack team of Brits to go into the quarantine zone to see if they can unearth the location of one (Escape from New York). The team encounters a violent, post-apocalyptic gang who they must battle in order to find what they need (Mad Max). As the story unfolds, you realize these three elements work very well together and deliver a highly entertaining flick. The combining of these three movies may not be original in the sense that it is three already done ideas, but the hybrid is original and I applaud the effort of the filmmakers.

The part of this movie that will have your eyes glued to the screen is the action. This may be the goriest movie I have ever seen. The deaths and amount of blood are off the charts. People get shot with guns and arrows, run over with cars, hit with shovels, decapitated with swords, blown up in high speed chases, cooked to death, and beaten to death. Each death is extraordinarily violent and visual. The special effects people did a superb job creating realistic deaths. It is a truly gruesome movie. Aside from the bloodbath you see on screen, you are also pounded with frantic action scenes that illustrate a great sense of urgency and panic.

The most unsung part of this movie is undoubtedly the soundtrack. The music fits the film perfectly. During scenes of intense action your eardrums are bombarded with adrenaline filled themes. Scenes of suspense contain an aura of impending doom that will soon strike our protagonists. Mixed among these serious compositions are some humorous selections. During a chase scene, you get to listen to a remix of Frankie Goes to Hollywood hit “Two Tribes.” This makes perfect sense if you see the film, trust me. Other artists present on Doomsday are Adam and the Ants and Fine Young Cannibals. It is an interesting soundtrack but it is highly effective.

The only negligible part of this movie is the plot. It gets you from the start to finish but there are a lot of questions left unanswered. There are also some plot holes that are rather obvious. It may seem annoying at first but in the end I did not care. I had a blast watching Doomsday. The plot holes were filled with the blood of British men and women.

So here is the dilemma, do you watch Doomsday or don’t you? Somehow I feel like I am an oddball. I love this movie but I think most won’t enjoy it as much as I did. Therefore, I offer you a compromise. Go see a matinee showing of Doomsday if you are curious about this movie. If you are not curious, but like action movies and want a joyride, wait until it comes out on video and rent Doomsday. Finally, if you did not like 28 Days Later, Max Mad, or Escape from New York, stay away from this film. I hope others enjoy this as much as I have.

3 Responses to “Doomsday”

  1. Andrew Raub Says:

    Good to know this isn’t a disappointment. The influence is obvious from commercials and previews, but the execution is a mystery. Good to know that they pull it off with minimal flaws.

  2. jer Says:

    Max Mad.

    I definitely want to see this movie.

  3. Zach Patterson Says:

    haha, i must have missed that during editing. yeah, i thought the previews looked fucking awful, but i like the influences a lot. i’d give it a shot.

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