Dragon Warrior IV
By Charlie Goodrich Sunday, 18 Jul 2004

Dragon Warrior 4 is my favorite in the series and my third favorite game overall. Everything about this game is remarkably good except for the price. Don’t expect to see a complete version Dragon Warrior 4 go for anything less then $80 on Ebay.

The story, or stories, in this game is the only one of it’s kind I have ever experienced in a RPG. It is one of the first chapter based games. Each chapter is dedicated to one or a set of characters. Once you have completed a character’s mission the chapter is done and you start with a new character. When all of the characters have been introduced, the game weaves them together masterfully so they can save the world from destruction.

There is such a plethora of character types and personalities, everyone can find a favorite. There are brave warriors, a monster seeking redemption, a treasure hunter, a runaway princess, magicians, a dragon and many more. There are 17 characters you can recruit in Dragon Warrior 4.

The combat in Dragon Warrior 4 is the same as it has always been. Turn based fighting, with a first person perspective. The menus are as basic as ever, you can attack, use spells, items, parry, or run. It is much easier to level up now too. The large experience gaps between levels in previous Dragon Warrior games was greatly lessened. They did add the ability to switch out one party member once per battle. It comes in handy when your fighting the final boss who has over four forms.

The graphics in Dragon Warrior 4 are some of the best the NES has to offer. The towns have a good amount of detail and everything is brightly colored. The only thing that is bad is the background during battles. It’s just a plain black screen. It would have been nice to see actual backgrounds, but Enix did put a lot of time in designing the monsters.

I haven’t played Dragon Warrior 4 in awhile but I still remember it being one of the best games ever. It’s no surprise that this game is so expensive on Ebay, you pay for quality and a great gaming experience.

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