Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard (Guest Review)
By Good-Evil Contributor Saturday, 20 Sep 2008

Contributed over the counter viagra by Silas Reinagel. He performs music as TheoConfidor and cialis his website can be found here. Etrian Odyssey 2 is patterned after old-school CRPGs. Like a lot of the classics, your dungeon exploration takes a first-person perspective. However, unlike an ordinary dungeon, in this RPG, you are exploring the inside of a massive tree, with different levels and Stratum (groups of 5 levels). Even though you are somewhat confined in the massive natural labyrinth, you never particularly confined or claustrophobic, since it feels more like wandering through a lush viagra dosage (and deadly) forest. Each Stratum has it’s own tileset, so just when you’re starting to hope for a change of scenery, the next Stratum is not too far off. There are lots of different classes to choose from and from the five classes that I’m playing, there viagra samples is a good amount of variety and differentiation between the classes. No two classes will feel much alike, due to the completely different skillsets available to each. Leveling up is exciting because with every level you gain, you get a skill point to allocate to any accessible skill, either adding a new skill/ability or improving a current skill. There are quite a wide selection of different skills even within one class, which allows you to choose how you want your characters to develop. Also, if you decide that you really don’t like 1 or 2 of your party members, it easy to switch them out near the beginning of the game. You can have up to 30 characters in your guild, and use any 5 of them as your active party. Acquiring gear/items is somewhat unique. You unlock new gear and items by selling certain numbers of monster drop items to the store. Depending on how many drop you get, you may occasionally get a nicer items sooner than expected, or you may be left with sub-par gear longer than you would expect. For example, I got a Tier-2 Bow and Katana pretty early on, but I was waiting forever to unlock a Tier-2 Sword. Because of that my Survivalist was dealing more damage than my sword-wielding Protector. The game starts out really tough, and then slowly scales back as you learn the game, learn to run from tough enemies and improve your character skills. Often you’ll find yourself avoiding the wandering FOEs, cialis coupon who can often decimate your party, and coming back to fight after you’ve gone a couple of floors above them. Boss fights can be insanely tough unless you are very well prepared and have your Force Skills fully charged. If you have a good party and a lot of perseverence you will find the game to be about perfect in difficulty, not too frustrating, but also never letting your guard down. A nice feature that saves time is “Auto-Battle” which allows you to auto-attack – perfect for lower-level enemies that can’t cross a blade with your party. You’ll definitely need to do a lot of leveling up to get through, but it never feels like tedious grinding (like in WoW or FF). Quests add flavor to the game by giving you various side tasks and challenging you in different ways, but they are more for the fun factor than for the rewards (which I’ve never felt are compelling). The sound and music are simple but effective, without a ton of variety, but always high-quality. I really dig the battle theme. The artwork looks really great, and adds a lot of life to the game. Overall, levitra online the production is quite superb. Even the map-drawing that you have to do to successfully navigate the labyrinth is actively fun, it doesn’t feel boring or tedious. Exploration for the it’s own sake it a ton of fun. In summary, Etrian Odyssey 2 is a time-consuming and challenging RPG, yet it is really fun and rewarding if you enjoy that kind of thing. I am thoroughly satisfied and can’t wait to find out what other monsters and surprises await me. Each of the classes really feels like an essential part of the team. I strongly recommend this game!

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  1. jer Says:

    I’m definitely interested in playing this game. I’m just debating whether I want to start with the first one or jump right into this guy.

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    i think there’s just way too many RPG’s out for the DS right now. i have FF4 right now, and there’s 3 other FF games alone I would like to play on the system and still haven’t bought. not to mention the dozen other Square Enix games released and several others like this…

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