Fallout 2
By Charlie Goodrich Friday, 24 Sep 2004

Fallout 2 is a worthy sequel to one of the best PC games ever made. It takes everything that made the original great and duplicates the formula. The graphics are the same, the sound is the same, the gameplay is the same, and the story is similar to the first. Those played the first game know this isn’t a bad thing.

The graphics in Fallout 2 are okay. The environments and backgrounds are well detailed, but the characters lack detail and variety. I didn’t care that much but it would have been nice to see
some different styles of clothing or weight classes. The only characters that looked different were the characters that tied into the story somehow. The cinemas in Fallout 2 look like the ones in Fallout 1. I couldn’t see a difference.

All of the sound effects are taken from the first game because they got them all right the first time. It sounds fantastic. The voice acting is superb as well. A hundred year old ghoul has a very raspy voice and coughs a lot, the president of Vault City is snoody and arrogant, and a drug addict scientist swears a lot and has a nasal problem. As for the music, it’s there but you won’t notice it often. You will be too busy killing people or reading text.

The gameplay and controls are exactly like the first game too.
The controls are very Diablo-esque. The left mouse button does everything. Click on people to speak to them, click anywhere on the screen to move there, click on door to open it, click on a shelf to search it, and so on. In combat you’re given Action Points that you can use to attack, move or go into your inventory. If you’re lucky, you will get a critical hit and witness a gruesome death scene. You can also customize your character to fit your style of play. You can make a stealthy character that can out wit your opponents to get what you need. Or you can make an all out war machine that makes anything in its way look like a piece of Swiss cheese.

The story is good, not as good as the original because it’s the same thing with new faces. In Fallout, your Vault’s water chip broke and you had to go find a new one so your vault can continue to produce water. Along the way you uncover a group who wants to turn humanity into a race of super-mutants. In Fallout 2 your village is on the brink of starvation and you have to leave and find a GECK (Garden of Eden Creation Kit). And along the way you uncover a group who is planning to cleanse the world of the “unpure”. Hmm… political satire from 60 years ago that can be still used today to describe the thoughts and beliefs of current world leaders.

Aside from the story, this game is great. There are a lot of different characters to pick from to form a party. There are dozens of side quests to complete. There is a lot of humor that can be missed only playing through once. And there are many different ways to beat this game.

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