Galaxy Hunter
By Andrew Raub Wednesday, 11 Apr 2007

Check this decription from Rotten Tomatos:

Shelley Michelle, previously a body double to such stars as Julia Roberts and Kim Basinger, wrote and stars in the sci-fi action movie GALAXY HUNTER. Michelle is Ginger, aka Agent 3V51, who has been assigned to rescue captured Agent 3V3 from the clutches of the evil alien drug dealer Zidian. In order to succeed, she is forced to recruit a team of highly qualified female bounty hunters. But when Ginger and her squad infiltrate Zidian’s planetary base, she discovers that both the villain and captured agent are part of her troubled past. GALAXY HUNTER is firmly in the sci-fi action tradition of STAR WARS.

Pretty much every aspect of this movie was controlled by a tall, blonde body double. So, I guess I can’t be too harsh on it, but I will.

For a sci-fi movie with the word “Galaxy” in the title, this movie had very little to do with space. There wasn’t intergalactic travel, and there wasn’t even interplanetary travel. It took place on a planet that pretty much resembles the south west USA. What this movie did have was some pretty decent looking chicks and lots of tits. The bad guy was like a theatrical, drug addict goth dude. Everyone rode around on 4-wheelers and humvees. The town was like a wild west town. Whenever someone died it wasn’t a big deal. There were lots of weird logic flaws, like Ginger’s father refusing to believe that she was his daughter, despite that he knew she worked for the same agency he did, and he had kept an eye on her through the agency and with modern photographs and knew what she looked like. He straight up says that she looks just like his daughter, but refuses to believe that she is… Oh, and the bad guy takes her dad to “the box”, which turns out to be not so much a box as it is a sheet that holds him against the wall with a light behind it.

Overall, this movie was complete shit. They should have just called it “BBT Lady on Lesbian Adventure to Rescue Father”

I realize this review is pretty crappy and hastily written, but I think it got about as much thought and effort as this movie did.

Oh yeah I totally forgot, the hummers and 4-wheelers made jet engine noises, but had no visible jet engine. Oh and Ginger had these awesome swords and stuff that just dissapeared when sheathed. That was cool, I guess.

2 Responses to “Galaxy Hunter”

  1. Hohman Says:

    I would have to agree with you, and being the only other person who has probably watched this movie, my word is gold. I just think that they shouldn’t have had the space part of the movie at all unless they didnt have the money to pay “Earth” for the rights, which I wouldn’t doubt. I just wanted to mention that Andrew totally was horny for the Cyborg chick in it, whos only cyborg part about her was horrible robot acting whenever she remembered she was playing a robot, and some weird cod piece for an eye(you could see her real eye behind it). Oh and the only alien in the flick was a man in a halloween costume, albeit a hairy costume, it was by far the worst thing I have ever seen. Sorry to add to your review Andrew but I just wanted to basically tell you all that you NEED to see this movie!, NOW!

  2. Zach Says:

    “BBT Lady on Lesbian Adventure to Rescue Father”

    I KNEW I should have come over. dammit!

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