God of War
By Charlie Goodrich Friday, 3 Jun 2005

Ancient Greece was a fun place. People walked around half naked. The beautiful Mediterranean climate offered nice temperatures. Greek mathematicians, philosophers, writers, and artists were and still are some of the best the world has ever seen. And Gods often waged war on Earth to gain (or take) power form the other Olympian deities. Okay maybe that last on didn’t happen but after playing God of War, it is fun to think that it did. This game is simply amazing. Everything is over the top, dramatic, and kick ass. My mind is racing with wonderful things to say so I’ll begin with the graphics.

This is one of the best looking PS2 games I’ve ever seen. The environments that have been created draw you into this world. The little things like water and sky effects look fantastic. The characters also look very good. My only complaint is that there is not much variety in the enemies you fight. There are Cyclopses, undead soldiers, gorgons, minotaurs, and jackal like creatures. Each enemy has a few different types but they don’t feel different. The cinematics are beautiful. They used a clever technique during the flashback scenes. Everything begins as a still frame with the camera progressing through the picture. And at certain points some of the characters in the scene come to life and perform an action. It reminds me of a pop-up-book. You see the picture and read the caption then bring it to life.

The controls and gameplay in God of War is superb as well. The fighting is fun, simple and can be challenging. Different creatures require different strategies if you want to win. Luckily, you have many cool combos at your disposal. You can button mash to win some battles but you’ll miss out on helpful and entertaining combos. But God of War isn’t all warfare. There are interesting and original puzzles that will need to be solved. They will all make you think.

God of War may be fun to play, but it is driven by the story. You play as Kratos, a mysterious warrior who is suffering from events that happened in his past. It turns out that Ares, the current God of war, wants more favor among the Gods. So he goes down to Earth and starts destroying Athens to get Zeus’s attention. Athena then requests the services of Kratos, and he sets out to put an end to Ares. You learn about Kratos’ past and how he became the person he is today.

If you are into action games and/or Greek mythology, go buy God of War. This is the biggest competition that Resident Evil 4 has for game of the year so far. It is that good. This game offers a lot for players to unlock too. You get to see deleted levels, character concepts, extra costumes, and even ideas for a sequel game. You get a lot for your money with this game which is something you don’t see that much.

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