Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's
By Charlie Goodrich Thursday, 9 Aug 2007

It is a well-known fact that I love 80’s music. Metal, rock, new wave, pop, rap, and whatever else, I seem to love it all. Well, almost all of it. I can’t stand buy cialis 20mg Blondie, Great White, or one Madonna song that I can’t remember the name of. Other than that I enjoy my 80’s music. So upon hearing that the next Guitar Hero was going to feature nothing but 80s music made me excited. My excitement soon faded a bit after playing the game. For the most part it is still a blast to play but Encore doesn’t deliver as much as it’s two predecessors.

First off, this thing costs $50. While this is the standard going rate GHE only has 30 songs and feels like an expansion pack as opposed to a brand new game. Furthermore, there are no extra songs to buy and they actually reduced the number of characters you can choose. The final weakness in this game is the song list. If you think 80’s guitar rock a few standards come to mind: AC/DC, ZZ Top, Ozzy Osbourne, The Cult, Guns and Roses, Prince, Joe Satriani, Van Halen, and Kiss. Yet, none of these bands/people are on this game. Instead The Go-Go’s, A Flock of Seagulls, Scandal, Oingo Boingo, and a fake band called Limozeen appear in the game. These songs offer a nice variety of 80’s music, but most of them are more keyboard driven than guitar based. Despite these missteps, Encore manages to bring a period of music history, often left for dead, back to prominence.

The genre where Encore shines is metal. You get to rock out with the likes of Ratt, Poison, Judas Priest, Accept, Winger, Skid Row, Anthrax, Quiet Riot and Iron Maiden. I’ve had some of my best guitar moments playing these songs. You can almost feel the hairspray and spandex as you crank out a solo that would make Warren DeMartini proud. Some of the non-metal songs that I feel are strong are: Heat of the Moment by Asia, Lonely is the Night by Billy Squire, and Los Angeles by X. But like I said before, with only 30 songs this title feels lacking for its price tag. The other positives are the continued gameplay and control scheme. Hammer on’s and pull off’s are easier this time around, but other than that, everything feels as tight as before.

Ultimately I do not regret buying Encore. I owe this to my love of 80’s music. If you like Guitar Hero you should buy this game. But you might want to wait until the price goes down to $40 first. If you are a 80’s music fan, don’t hesitate, buy this game now!

6 Responses to “Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's”

  1. Chris Derosa Says:

    It’s 40 at Best Buy.
    I’ve been meaning to get around to this (like, the day it came out) but I was just so lazy. I probably would have given it the same review.

  2. Andrew Raub Says:

    I want to get this game just for Heat of the Moment.

    I guess everyone is entitled to hate one Madonna song, but Chuck, I never want to hear you talking about feeling the spandex and hairspray ever again.

  3. Shervin Riahi Says:

    I regret the time I invested in this tripe. The song choice is lackluster and the execution seemed tremendously subpar…”I ran” and “Police Truck” are prime examples. My vote goes to “Poor”

  4. Jonathan Dao Says:

    Yikes, guess I’ll have to hold out for Rock Band …

  5. Shervin Riahi Says:

    I do need to add that it was awesome to watch Colin and Matt (Skiptastic) play through all 30 or so songs co-op!

  6. Matt Jones Says:

    I need to add that it was fun as balls to play through all the songs on co-op with Colin and Sherv, but I wouldn’t drop any money into it.

    This was a cash-in title and anyone who has played GHII would know it. They have fewer characters (what, like it’s so hard to change color palettes?), fewer songs, fewer great songs, the venues don’t appear to have changed at all, and just a lot less options.

    This is a title that would be a complete rental, but if real money was involved, I would never buy this game. It’s definitely the Guitar Hero game that would come out last at my parties, no matter how awesome Holy Diver is.

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