Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law
By Zach Patterson Sunday, 14 Sep 2008

Harvey Birdman is one of those games that’s essentially made for a cult audience. I mean, it’s an Adult Swim game based on a 15 minute cartoon where an old, obscure 1960’s Hannah Barbara character is modernized as a current day lawyer and injected with rapid-fire, absurdist humor that connects with some and misses with others. And making a game out of it cell phone spy genie that really is just an easy, strange, hacked together Phoenix Wright game kind of limits its appeal. Luckily, I like Harvey Birdman and Phoenix Wright. I fit the mold here! Woo! The game is 5 cases broken up in episodic format. All the cases are very easy and require you to do the same rudimentary things as the Phoenix Wright games: check environments for clues, pick up items, talk to people, present items to people, and cross examine people in court. The major difference between the games is that Harvey Birdman is connected by large cinemas, making it feel more like episodes of the show cut up with prompts and and slightly different movie clips based on responses. The writers and all the actors were on board this (save for Stephen Colbert, whose characters are voiced by a soundalike), so the fact that it just feels like extended episodes certainly isn’t a bad thing. Most of the writing is sharp as always, though the downside of the game part is that occasionally some characters have to say out of character dialogue in order to advance the plot/story. Also, while most every case is pretty ridiculous (at one point you are the prosecutor, working against a defense attorney that is a mustached clone of you, then order essay you get mind swapped a few times…and the jury is also all clones of you…then there’s a hearing in a jacuzzi…none of it makes sense, you just kinda roll with it), some of them are just way more structured than the show ever was about the actual trial part. So at times, the game makes some awkward sacrifices in order to make it more game-y, but it’s still sort of a essaywritings.com joke of a game, and the developers/writers seemed well aware of this at times. The most obvious answers when you have to pick one are often boring or wrong, and when you have to make a decision near the end of the trial, usually the most ridiculous sounding option is the correct one. In fact, most of the great parts of the game come from picking a stupid option and then seeing the resulting scene. My personal favorite was the inappropriate times to call for your bird Avenger, when it had nothing to do with the question you were supposed to answer. “AVENGER, TO MEEEEE!” Well, it’s funny when you see it anyway. The graphics are mostly predrawn backgrounds and actual animation from the show, so there isn’t much to complain about in that aspect. The game has some slick menus, and the inventory screen is fun in that every character profile has numerous random character voiceovers you can go through (most of them are pretty funny and sound improvised) spy on a phone without having access to it and the items even have some ridiculous sounds to go along with them. The game is a little clunky however, when you are trying to present evidence and dont present the right thing. It plays a small cinema of Harvey after each incorrect guess or when you press when you don’t need to, the the same clips playing over and over gets old quick. They could have not included that part and it would have been fine. The music is fairly forgettable for most of it, using the main theme and transition music from the show, but surprisingly, some of the music phone spy app is fairly catchy, like the jail music and the final case music in Sebben and Sebben. It’s intended to spy cell phone blackberry be fairly simple, jazzy, retro sounding stuff, but it works in the game. But I’ll get to the point here, and that is that this game is worth picking up for fans of the Harvey Birdman series, and will likely have limited appeal to anyone else. It’s not really much of a game, to be honest, and at full price, it is sort of like paying 20-30 bucks for 5 slightly longer episodes. However, this game has been reduced repeatedly most every store I have seen, and you can usually find it for less than 15 dollars. It’s a breeze to play through in a few hours and it’s

pretty funny overall. It’s good. Note: essay wrighting This game is also available on PS2 and Wii as well.

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  1. Charlie Goodrich Says:

    I love me Phoenix Wright! I beat the first two and was going to pick up number three. Perhaps I will check this out too.

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