Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee
By Zach Patterson Friday, 2 Oct 2009

As I alluded to earlier in the week, I’ll be giving some reviews of some PSP games I played over the summer that are all part of long running franchises, but nevertheless are pretty great games that can be found pretty cheaply. Today, it’s Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee. The Hot Shots Golf games have always been a reliable staple on the Playstation platform. While they are hardly system sellers and frankly, often go unnoticed, they are always fun, and always welcome. This version has since seen a sequel on the PSP and PS3. But how is this one?

Well, I’ll be honest. If you’ve played Hot Shots Golf before, it’s basically the same thing

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you’ve played before, but portable. This is by no means a bad thing, but don’t expect this to be a total overhaul of the series. You have big-headed anime characters, unlockable, customizable clothing/accessories, a half dozen different courses, and tournament or stroke play. It’s still the easy to pick up and play gameplay, with a simple swing mechanism, but it does have complexity, since you often need to gauge wind and ground tilt in order to shave precious strokes off your score. It also apparently has a pretty nice multiplayer mode, which is something I’ll never get to try because no one has the game, and no one wants to sit down and play portable golf for 30 mins when there are much better party game options.

On the down side, you only start out with one course, and it becomes a bit annoying with the amount of challenges you need to do to unlock stuff. I played this game for hours and hours, and still only unlocked 3 courses! I’m glad they made it have some lasting power, but there’s a difference between challenging and tedium.

And that’s really it. If you’ve played HSG and liked it, you’ll like this. It’s a fun game, although it’s a bit of vanilla entry in the series, it certainly works as a good portable representation of the series. The graphics are near PS2-quality (though a bit jaggy at points), the music and voice acting is awful, and the characters are kinda blah. Controls, as usual, are spot on. So pretty much standard stuff for the series here. I picked this one up for 5 bucks, and it can commonly be found for less than 10 almost everywhere. If you want PSP golf, this game or its sequel are the way to go.

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