Hulk Still Rules
By Audun Sorlie Friday, 22 Feb 2008

WWE produced DVD’s can be either very good, or very bad, so I was very concerned when I heard that they were making a Hulk Hogan DVD in 2002. I was afraid they would not be honest about how much he actually has meant to the wrestling business and to the WWF\E, luckily, this DVD is one of the best WWE has ever put out on the shelves.

“Hulk Still Rules” is a 2 disc, 6 hour feature that tells the story of Tampa kid Terry Bollea, and his hard road to the top of wrestling as the immortal HULK HOGAN. Hulkster himself tells the story of his days in WWF, NWA and so on, and you get to see a lot of old rare footage along the way. We get to see his feuds with Andre the Giant, King Kong Bundy and many other great legends. Birth of now, Hogan’s take on why Macho Man hates him and his opinion on WCW management is also great stuff.

The movie about Hogan himself is excellent, but what’s even better is the extras, there’s LOADS of matches, from his WWF debut from ’79 to his return match against Flair in ’94 , there’s 15 matches in all. Nearly 4 hours of extras, segments and promos, many great segments from TNT (Tuesday Night Titans) and you get 2 amazing easter eggs, Hogan and Mean Gene Okerlund playing Tutti Fruity (Mean G singin and piano, Hogan on bass) and, the best thing about the whole DVD, the Real American music video in dvd quality, it’s well worth the purchase for this music video alone

It’s hard to find any complaints on this release, but I do think they should have included his matches with Antonio Inoki, Great Muta or even the mentioned Tatsumi Fujinami in Japan. Even though it’s NJPW, they got the rights to have Chris Benoit’s matches in NJPW, so why not Hogan? That way we all could see a more technical Hogan. And for fun they could have included Vince McMahon’s Slammy Awards performance, where he sings Stand Back, with Hogan on bass and Macho Man on trumpet.

If you like Hulk Hogan or old school 80’s WWF, get this DVD, there’s no reason not to (but you got to remember I cried when Hogan was inducted into the Hall Of Fame, I’m a hardcore Hulkamaniac).

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