KFC Mashed Potato Bowl
By Jonathan Dao Tuesday, 14 Aug 2007

Even though KFC might be under the same corporation as Taco Bell, thank God they don’t waste their commercials letting you know that they’re full! They let the food, the constant use of “Sweet Home Alabama”, and Colonel Sanders speak for themselves– even if the Colonel is mainly there just to show you that white people like fried chicken too. The meal has a rather ingenious design! Well, okay, it’s not brilliant, but it sure is delicious- and affordable! Under five bucks!

Take your typical KFC goodies, boneless fried chicken and mashed potatoes, and put them in the same container. Don’t stop just there though! You can’t forget the gravy coating and cheese toppings. So I guess I should emphasize that the design is hardly revolutionary, maybe even kind of stupid, but it is definitely tasty and handy.

The meal is easy for eating on the go (notice the absence of a “good to go” quote… oh wait…). As long as the cashier doesn’t forget to give you your spork, you have the luxury of avoiding greasy hands AND having your fingers smell like chicken funk! Now you can completely dodge having those tricky conversations with your girlfriend. “Babe, I PROMISE I didn’t do anything with Brenda. I just ate at KFC, okay? Listen, I can’t help their secret recipe smells the same!”

…And that’s what I call a CRISPY situation! Zing!

4 Responses to “KFC Mashed Potato Bowl”

  1. Nick Woodside Says:

    Patton Oswalt called these things “a failure pile in a sadness bowl”. This is all I really have to add. Oh wait, I have a flag that I stole from my local KFC. Now I’m done.

  2. Zach Patterson Says:

    haha, i remember that.

    these bowls scare me. and my cholesterol. if im ever drunk and in a KFC drive-thru though, i’ll probably order one. that might be the only situation.

    i bet they are heart-cloggingly delicious though.

  3. Jonathan Dao Says:

    well, if you wanna believe Mr. Ratatouille, however ya spell it…

    failure never tasted so good!

  4. Brian Hohman Says:

    I had one of these during a road trip down south, I hadn’t eaten since earlier that morning and I was starving it looked so good, and effortless. I consumed it, enjoyed it, and then cried tears of fat!

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